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Just a note on the blog here, I have searched for weeks to try to find some sort of fix for the issues. But it appears WordPress isn't supporting the theme in which I built and put years of work into. That means if I want to have some basic functionality in my editor, the... Continue Reading →


Well, WordPress keeps on changing their editor. It's functions are moved, the fonts change and disappear. One week I know how to change the font, the next week I can't even find it. I am trying to study the world of WP, but it appears I have to learn code or something to get anything... Continue Reading →


I am pretty sure others have their point of the year. That time when the epitome's of life desire a turn in the path, a jog in another direction. The existential nature, and nurture takes hold of long term visions, shorter term goals, and life's eventualities... If it doesn't work, try something else. Historically these... Continue Reading →


Sorry for the delay on my next piece. I have been ill, and have the opposite of writer's block. Too many stories trying to come out at the same time, it will sort itself out. 🙂

Surrogates of Sexism

In a world of double standards, is the torch is being passed? Misogyny is going to be spoken of quite a bit over this election cycle. With the amount of women running for President at an all time high, the need for discertion and understanding will be necessary. That word will be brought out and... Continue Reading →

Reality Roulette

In engineering terms, a datum is a point in which a part or object is measured from, a fixed position. Each point thereafter can be measured against the datum for accuracy and functionality. The reason for this is simple, mechanisms don't work if the parts don't fit together properly. Call me the ever curious kid,... Continue Reading →

Soul Spooning

"There was such an attraction it pulled me completely from my physical being. A touch would ruin the bond, a whisper would scatter it away in the wind. It was the bare soul, that amazing soul that carried so much joy. The searching for that touch, aching, and empty, a yearning for... soul spooning." -... Continue Reading →

Human Climate Change – Life’s Hurricanes

The calm and quiet belie the danger, a temporary reprieve, a chance for action or an extreme lesson in patience. Crawling out from whatever devastation when it is all over on this day, going forward into the next awaiting the storms once again. The analogy to life itself painfully accurate, the reminders all around. The... Continue Reading →

The Children of Fears

Castigated, chastised... reeling in anticipated consequences. The once great populace curdling into fetid chunks of mold. This is no more than an infantile reaction to various inputs..en masse... Trying to dig down into the bedrock of us these days is impossible. The constant accumulation of muck is too slippery to be caught up in the... Continue Reading →

Painting on Water

I stood within my reflection, I gathered all of the colors of life, and began paint on water.  That picture or essence has been writing me for the last week. A connection to something outside of myself that I am examining at the moment. Life is but brush strokes washed away as quickly as... Continue Reading →

Start Here

Here it is a few days out from Thanksgiving, sitting around and reading the news and stories with my morning coffee. Gratitude is a funny camper at times and as much as I went over in my mind of what I am thankful for, I must have missed a few rooms off of the heart.... Continue Reading →

Me Too

Eventually I knew I would have to put some words down about this;... Correction, some emotions down on this. This is as personal as it gets, and it is raw and unfiltered as anything can be because there is no guide or plan to deal with this condition. The internet is abuzz with real allegations,... Continue Reading →

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