Ever a reminder that we are the water itself, and not the bubbles caused by the friction.

An Army of Our Dead

There is no end that justifies this means. There is not a rational, and thoughtful way forward that incorporates this snapshot of loss, anger, and frustration we have today.

Cancelling America

The magnifying effect has been placed on our divisions, and as we all know, and remember; United we stand… divided we fall.

The Curious Commodity of Common Sense

The Curious Commodity of Common Sense You may not know how you know, and that’s the problem. American patriot Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet a few hundred years ago, that curiously says quite a bit about where we stand today as a country. About seven years ago, I heard the saying that you didn’t get […]

Surrogates of Sexism

In a world of double standards, is the torch is being passed? Misogyny is going to be spoken of quite a bit over this election cycle. With the amount of women running for President at an all time high, the need for discertion and understanding will be necessary. That word will be brought out and […]

Appropriation of Hate

An incident at a local college has stirred up controversy among those who picked up on something during the reporting. The incident apparently started with a student that has conservative views and a meeting of a group she was forming. It is said that someone took exception to her efforts and tried to hit her […]

Salem Syndrome 2020

“You aren’t going to get the job… You’re going to go to prison… They’re going to kill me!” All of the self talk that has more than likely happened at least once in our lives. I myself can apply a few memories to those voices, but like anyone I know, I have thought those same […]

Redux 2020

Candi-dates Here we are, about to start off another round of prognosticating, evaluations, and overall turd-throwing. The targets, candidates have already begun to line up, some declaring their need for sadistic disapproval officially, while others lie in wait for the eventual deluge of nastiness. It is a sickening submersion into the soup of psychotic shortcomings and […]