Slow Walking Superman

Yes, there is a certain amounts of life that just happens, and there are certain amounts that you aspire to. When I was pulled over on that September night back in 2011, I was at my end of ends. My jig was up and the escapism and self destruction came down to a set of... Continue Reading →

How Does it Feel?

A friend of mine brought up a good question, and one that parlays into what I am going through these days as well. While I will edit the wording, he asked "What does Un-F^&ked feel like? At first a skim over the senses and a properly witted response followed. The remembering my place in all... Continue Reading →

Eminent Education

We have all heard the phrase before, "It's for the children." In the best intentions much is done with that refrain in mind. We are asked to vote on, and are taxed by, we support their extracurricular activities, and defend their rights to a fair and proper education. We even move when we are in... Continue Reading →

The Stars to Guide Me

Once again in too short of order, another friend has joined those I pray to now instead of for. I still pray for him, it's just different. There were five and now there is two, A rag tag bunch of brothers from other mother's. As wildly different, and at the same time attached at the... Continue Reading →

What Might Have Been

Well the school experiment is not going to work out it seems. The instructors are fine, and they teach a great class. Though the need to explain myself has one teacher thinking of them as simply excuses, and sometimes an eye roll. I am not going to apologize for this though, I am not going... Continue Reading →

Life’s Reformatting

"How are you?" I was asked by my friend and sponsor this weekend. I was almost taken back by my reply as I was the realization I had at the same moment. "I am just great! My situation is dire, but I am great." Pause... Did I just say that with perfect honesty and without... Continue Reading →

At Apathy’s Gate

Yes, in the best of Sherlock Holmes inquiry, small insights often lead to larger pictures. Those little things that undo the biggest of plans and aspirations. It is those small insights, when they are noted again and again that the larger picture of us comes into a clearer light. The clues we leave on the... Continue Reading →

A Massacre, A Flag, and A People.

Like many of you here, I awoke to the news of the massacre in Las Vegas with bleary eyes and a more than heavy heart. The effect that it had on me was one all too familiar to this caring soul, and the afterthought one that was done out of self preservation. I closed up,... Continue Reading →

Not Falling for Winter Again

It is October now, and Fall has set in around these parts. The rain and winds have returned and the falling leaves and needles frustrate even the most patient of us cleaners. The darkness lasts a little longer each morning and comes a little sooner each night. The life we lived so much of outside... Continue Reading →


Well, in my first week of school and a job that both started on the 18th, I have a huge infection burst open and toxify my experience for awhile. I am going to have bouts like this of Diverticulitis, but this time it just hit me all at once, little warning though, I probably would... Continue Reading →

The Skin of the Spirit

These last few months have left me examining at a deeper depth the things that bind me, and my environments together. It is just another way of saying that I have been presented in many ways shapes and forms the concepts of the word integrity and much that it entails and much that it may... Continue Reading →

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