Finding America

Photo by Edgar Colomba from Pexels An idealism grew into a country, which grew into a concept. Your beliefs about this country, about the world, is wrong.                                             You immediately want to challenge that statement, go after what is […]

Healing Hard

Maybe it’s from the suicidal idolization thinking that I held for so many years, an escape mechanism from the overwhelming that I find myself here again. Maybe it’s the recovery and different life’s my own life has held, that I feel it is my part to say something, anything. Maybe it’s just the lives that […]

Planting Now’s in the Gardens of Then

Planting Now’s in the Gardens of Then Curating a path to being in the emotional present. While pondering a word prompt, patience, from another piece, the umpire-ical outlook on the natures of us that I tend to fall down took hold. As I examined my patience that metaphysical door opened up a bit. I must be […]

The Curious Commodity of Common Sense

The Curious Commodity of Common Sense You may not know how you know, and that’s the problem. American patriot Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet a few hundred years ago, that curiously says quite a bit about where we stand today as a country. About seven years ago, I heard the saying that you didn’t get […]


It’s been months since I visited this introspect development area. It’s not for reasons of neglect as much as growth, or change? I haven’t been able to decipher the answer to that yet, maybe that’s why I am here now on my walkabout? This look at the cast members that perform in my psyche, as […]

Mary Ann

My Gilligan’s Island Let’s be honest, it was always Mary Ann, not Ginger that brought a spike to my heartbeat. I think it may have been one of those things of how old you were when you first saw the show. If a teenager, I am sure Ginger would have been the one that sprung […]

The Howell’s

My Gilligan’s Island Mr. and Mrs. Thurston Howell III, today they would have been in the one percent financial bracket. They are noticeable in the list of passengers as the only couple, They represent my codependent issues, and among other things my gluttony and flair for excess at times. Not completely destructive, that aspect of […]


My Gilligan’s Island I recognized Ginger, I had seen her act in more than one time in others, and even myself. She was my ego, and my Bunsen burner of vanity, she was the fat kid growing up who never could take off the mental fat-suit even when thinned out. To thyself be true, another […]

The Professor

  What can you do with a coconut? The part of the Professor started piping up right after the Skipper was finished. Apparently one thing a coconut is good for is knocking someone out for awhile, the Professor almost had to be restrained in this discovery process. He knew something was wrong with the boat, […]

The Skipper

My Gilligan’s Island The term fateful in the lyrics is almost lost in the rhythm of the words. It wasn’t lost on me when this little peek into how my head works showed up either. After checking to see that the passengers survived, (so far I think they all have,) the first person you want […]