What can you do with a coconut? The part of the Professor started piping up right after the Skipper was finished. Apparently one thing a coconut is good for is knocking someone out for awhile, the Professor almost had to be restrained in this discovery process. He knew something was wrong with the boat, that tiny ship, but now his research work had really just begun because the chimpanzee like dance had shown itself over the last few days. The design flaw made obvious, and the Professor feeling like an utter failure for not seeing the fear and failure in the design process to begin with. He felt like he had just one job to do and failed at it mightily, but there may be a reprieve here towards the end.

Scientific principles, cognition, and putting it all together. Those were the things the Professor had been tirelessly working on for most of this lifetime trip. He could see why Ginger didn’t get some parts, or why Mary Ann’s corn didn’t grow the way she expected. Why, he himself just recently learned the latest form of math, and the Skipper just found a wind gauge on top of the pilot house. So the understanding that they all had something to learn still was never lost on him, but the things they already knew should have rescued them by now… right? The thought of not being able to speak out about it was always troubling to the professional instructor. Few opportunities and people met along the voyages that he could trust to open up to about his evidence, his observations. So there was never any real consensus over all the years, or it was lost in the time between lessons. He knew that once he himself tried to convey some of this over his lifetime, he was always met with raised eyebrows, an eye roll, pseudo-science metaphysical crud… Then promptly ignored.

Six Aspects of Personality Development Which One Can Master

When he read the Skipper, his need for immediate clarification of some aspects had him chomping at the bit. These are not real characters, rather parts of the whole which had developed over the extended introverted environment that he had applied to life. They were part compassion, part neuroticism, part ego, part ID, who dive into the various waters of life at the deep end, dive down, and then find shallow enough water to stand in. Just like I did when I was an overweight kid, just let my head above the water so my fatty boobs didn’t bounce with the waves. That would probably have been a better feeling if I were female, but my Ginger didn’t care for the mockery of the other kids. So, when others engage in what is referred to as small talk, I am uncomfortable because I can’t hear them well enough because I am in the middle of the pool somewhere and they are all playing in the shallow end, I don’t want them to see my belly on top of it all, that’s embarrassing… Skipper meet Ginger, Ginger, meet your job, your fear, becoming the Skipper.

With this newly discovered evidence, this radius, and the doorways to try the keys in, comes where the real work gets going for the Professor. The circumference is comprised of the ability of the personality traits to stretch or reform in any given tangent, or direction. It is reminiscent of Geometry and Thales theorem. Using an inscribed angle of a circle model (here,) the actions at various points of the circumference either create a balance or imbalance. The circle in this reference would actually be a sphere, the points are ambition, ability, and need, respectively. The task is to take that sphere and ride it through the hills and valleys of life. Motion in itself depends on the ability to not only find a balance, but keep it while doing the chimpanzee like dance atop the points, reminding yourself that you only have two feet, one at times, and on your butt a lot. The design flaw in this instance was with the user really, who could not get the sphere to go in one direction alone. I had more than three points, life is tough at times, and in this instance, the user would ultimately hit the wrong point along the way and skid sideways or stop altogether. I always thought I wanted a hoverboard from Back to the Future, now… not so much.

So the radius of my abilities go only so far because I have a fat personality that cannot fit through the rescue door. Folks seem to like the whole, can take Gilligan for only so long, the Skipper just works himself to sleep, and the Professor is too busy trying to figure out the meaning of life. The Howell’s don’t fit in with many, but show up when needed to everyone’s relief. Ginger is fine with not being seen, but being forgotten by Hollywood hurts so badly. Mary Ann is afraid of all of this and wants to run back to the farm and live a normal life, and don’t forget that Gilligan’s job was to try to show everyone that life is about living and having fun and experiences. Cast of characters from an old TV show, and a opportunity to break down the personality traits that have so appropriately have sat their big butt down on my life once more.

So the Professor’s job at the moment is to find out when someone steers the boat, who steps on each point and why? Can some of the cast members be rearranged? Can they be thinned down and incorporated even? Can this machine be tamed or is it always going to be a rough ride full of castaways, their island drifting further away with the passing years? This is presumptive, and the position requires more student evaluation, more insights into the crew and in all honesty, more time to develop. It’s like taking a picture of something in the sky with an old Polaroid and saying it’s a UFO before it develops all the way. There’s a lot of work to do now, because this is all very old news, but better technology has been introduced to do the research. It is exciting and scary, honest and fulfilling, yet also so depressing in the light of life’s opportunities and experiences.

In searching these last few days into my history to find the evidence, it is there. It is early in a process that will leave me a better person and a better student, not only in an educational setting, but at learning from those aspects of life that need to be apparent. The causative effects will have to be broken down, the materials examined and the history reproduced again. The efforts are the same ones used in my recovery from drugs and alcohol, the evaluation process similar, yet deeper and filled with new chapters of checklists and keys to try out on this door. In recovery I often talk about the strong foundation that I had been gifted by others in finding and developing. In that refrain, I just recently spoke about the urge, or need, to add another room to that foundation. College was a part of that new addition, and even though things look grim at the moment, I may have found that good Portland cement in the process that wasn’t marked that way in the brochures.

The rooms that are built upon that foundation are always going to go through changes. life’s storms will tear them apart, and then they will be rebuilt and worn down to splinters once more. But that foundation is still there, still strong enough for plenty of rebuilding, this at the moment, is feeling like I am digging a trench into the bedrock to find the only place for the sewer to go. Did I mention my fondness for indoor plumbing? I poured the foundation I have with the help of a lot of people and their help is still going to help me now with this job. Whether it is knowledge or experience, over time I have been through some layers, now it is time to put it together and help get this job done that mostly has to be an inside job, one that I will not take to forgiving very well if I don’t really learn, really change from this, or not change whatever the evidence ultimately reveals. 207

The Professor will more than likely pop up again, he is integral to this as any other cast member. This is the stuff of science and metaphysics, psychology and psyche, so there is always something to learn. Like that idiom goes, the more I learn, the less I know. So the Professor and that part of my personality characteristics is strong, The evaluation process is going to take time, and the research will ultimately reveal what the next right action will be for the passengers going forward. Until then, I will touch on many of their aspects and make note of who argues and who doesn’t, who can work together and see if they all need to be stranded, or can just some of them be rescued. Funny, sounding insane, but an evaluation process that is still knee deep in the lagoon and dropping coconuts all around.







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