Just Don’t Stay

What happened felt like I was taking a long run at a moving train in hopes I could tackle it and derail the thinking that had rutted my tracks so deeply.

Conflict’s Illusion

Conflict in all its forms has been in my thoughts these last few months. Brought forth not only from the ravages of a world out of tilt, but also by the inside ones that hide amongst everyday actions and thoughts.

The Volume of Life

A multi-faceted application of sticking your fingers in your ears and humming a tune. Sometimes you realize you are doing it, and sometimes... Not so much.


Photo by Leon Macapagal from Pexels Life's not Baseball... fair, or foul, you are expected to run the bases. The plane would only take a few hours to get there. A place where nobody knew you, no connections past a few names to look up, and a location to get to. The need is overwhelming, a constant drone... Continue Reading →

Finding America

Photo by Edgar Colomba from Pexels An idealism grew into a country, which grew into a concept. Your beliefs about this country, about the world, is wrong.                                             You immediately want to challenge that statement, go after what is... Continue Reading →

Breaking Humanity

You can paint your worlds any which way you like them. You can believe that this country and its people are this and that... But this is who we are. I grew up in a dysfunctional family, learned to manipulate people and events, to lie and to cheat from an early age. It wasn't that... Continue Reading →

The New Myans

The New Mayans Is modern religion too savage for humanities future? The rituals and traditions were savage and brutal. Human life was not a sacred right, as much as a tool of appeasing the Gods. They must be enlightened, and brought into the new world… As much as this sounds like the beginning of the Spanish... Continue Reading →

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