The Big Loop

It's where the rabbit hole of thought lead this morning as a helpful break from the overthinking of self and societal grunge that too often appear... so I'll take it. Refill the coffee cup, Gobbledygook meet rabbit hole, have at it...

Life’s Symphony

Those frequencies play a music, a life symphony that we are often unaware of, but one that we play in, and conduct from, our own lives mostly unconsciously.

The Next Epidemic

The rush to normalcy in a reactionary world Having been a casualty to the cultural, and genetic entrapment of addictions, it is not surprising that the headlines some would pass by, catch my eye these days. It is similar to the HAM radio licence plates, when I knew what they signified, I saw more and... Continue Reading →

Popcorn Memories

There will always be something else, some part of life that will stay husked up at the bottom of our pans. If we had the cognizance to pop it all, we would go poof and become ascended beings.

Humans and Dark Matter

Humans and Dark Matter The root systems of higher functions                                Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels Most of us have heard the term dark matter, or dark energy. While most just check it off as science stuff, over the head, and the... Continue Reading →

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