A chorus of frequencies

From the wind I heard an echo of a dream, and from the ocean a melody. And from the mountain that I stand I can hear. Oh life’s symphony. Oh the clouds they hold the notes that are to play, the composition from the Sun. From every single life it sings just like a choir, and calls thunder like a drum. Life’s Symphony! (old song lyric of mine)

A very metaphysical observance/theory/rabbit hole…

Sometimes trying to grasp ahold of a thought is like trying to capture dandelion seeds that have taken to the air. They elude your efforts, and spirit away with every change in the winds. These last months have been filled with all manner of floating debris, the seeds of thought, the hailstones of life, the misty revelations of a different self. Although they have been there in bits and pieces of thought, the fullness of their messages were left empty and hollow, incomplete. That feeling of incomplete-ness has struck deep, a desire to connect though has left introspect as the only avenue of discovery in a world inexplicably changed. Speaking with my wife about the processes of writing I go through, the metaphysical, the senses, and emotions, a seed of thought landed right in the palm of my hand. One that I could feel, one that did not flutter away, but gained a better mass as it pulled me down its rabbit hole.

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Over the years in moments of reflection, I have told others that much of my writing comes from some sort of connection. I don’t know what that connection is exactly, or if it is everything altogether? But I have described it to others as something like a river of consciousness that is flowing above us all that I somehow manage to dip my big toe into. I know it sounds wild, but that’s the feeling I get. While I was speaking with my wife the other day, I said it felt like that river is at a very low point, that the things that fed the river were bottled up. In an analogic manner I described it as the static electricity of people’s aura interactions, and frequencies bouncing together that fed the river to begin with, isn’t happening like before because there is much less of it. Even people who never personally interact walk by others, connect to others through varied channels, they generate a bit of electric minutiae that feeds the river. That description to my wife, although just a moment, reminded me of people and their frequencies, their individual vibrations. The things that people intuitively pick up when they meet someone, are attracted to, or repulsed by. The same interactions that feeds the river applies here as well. Those frequencies play a music, a life symphony that we are often unaware of, but one that we play in, and conduct from, our own lives mostly unconsciously.

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People, us humans, give out frequencies that can be detected scientifically. While there are many methods used to gauge our physical frequencies, the science is clear that we resonate at various frequencies of sound, light, and radiation. Vibrations, oscillations that occur around an equilibrium are a part of our everyday life. Then there are the symbiotic vibrations of like mindedness, an intimate understanding, and common pathways, that lead to a different type of frequency, the spiritual and thought applied resonances. The first thing about science and frequencies that has to be understood is that it is what the universe is made of, how it is held together. Solids are not really solid when you get down to it all, that rock is vibrating, there is a resonance coming from the tree across the street. There is movement in all of our universal space because of frequencies, vibrations. That in itself is a never ending paper that is already being composed by a google of scientists, and a gaggle of thinkers. Yet, frequencies make up most everything, among those are joy, chaos, and healing.

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The science of frequencies, vibrations, and resonances, is probably older than our written history can tell us. The psychology of it is also probably older than we realize as well. Contemporary common thinking on the subject also indicates we are in an infancy of understanding of this aspect of our universe, both the outward one and the inner ones. Being moved by music, captivated by a bird’s song, confused by a cacophony, are some of the exterior inputs that are signs to the bigger workings going on inside of us. The inner frequencies that are activated, mutated, and adjusted by those outer influences have trip wires, activations, and sensibilities of their own. Just like there are connections that outwardly move us, and internally touch our emotions, there are frequencies that originate solely from our inner spaces as well. We can look at it as if the human body and mind are very sensitive antennas. One of the most common methods of looking at those inner brain antennas in us humans is the EEG (electroencephalograph,) which measures brainwaves of different frequencies.. Frequencies are measured in waves, oscillations, how far apart, or close together they arrive. How those waves are shaped is just like waves in the ocean, frequency waves have all manner of form and structure. The question of how many frequencies we interpret is still being studied, but we do know about some of the more noticeable and preferred ones.

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In matters of concentration, we understand that Gamma waves are the fastest brainwaves produced, and can measure from 25 Hz to 140 Hz. These waves are formed when in deep concentration, actively engaged, or intensely focused. Beta waves are also considered a fast brainwave, produced at levels above 12 Hz, to roughly 40 Hz. It is the dominant, or normal brainwave when we are awake and have our eyes open. Beta waves have a large area of distribution and is usually classified in a low/medium/high beta wave oscillation because each part of that frequency handles different areas of our thinking. It handles the various alertness levels, ability to concentrate, and our learning cycles. Alpha waves, usually measured under 12 Hz, are tied to our mental coordination, our ability to relax, and our ability to have healthy mental acuity. Theta waves are the slowest of our brainwaves and have much to do with our connections to creativity, daydreaming, and fantasy. Even though generalized, the above shows a small part of the frequencies our brain uses to “work” its way through its daily duties.

As that work is going on in the background, the antennas we use have their favorite stations. Just like the car stereo they are attracted to the ones that they pick up easily, or like the messaging from that source. It could be feel good, or feel bad, or feel nothing stations, but we like them, or have been stuck on them for so long we don’t always know it’s ok to change them up. Other people are a part of those stations that we care for, their oscillations are ones that we either care for or don’t, and all points in between. In a very overt fashion, that is the part that we subliminally play and orchestrate in our social settings, and interactions in life. Pets and animals are another one of our favorite “stations” finding the broadcast easier to tune into than the more complex frequencies of other humans. There are many aspects in life where we use our various antennas to seek out a pleasing, or in some cases a needed vibration. Just like anything else, the aspect of addictive frequencies, maladaptive ones, and self harm based frequencies is always a constant. The radio is always on.

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We as a species like to interact, to withdraw, to engage, and pick and choose what plays in our lives. It is our social interactions, and our engaging mannerisms that play out like a music sheet in the big scheme of things. The frequencies that we generate, pass along, and randomly spur, are at a low point in this slowed, and changed world we currently live in. The dreams, and memories that have become abundant and acutely felt could be a cognitive healing defense used to find those frequencies missing from our music sheets at the moment. Of course this is all but a thought, a seed that was felt as much as it was observed. It is true we all play the frequencies around us in our very different manners. Without much of the interactions we have become accustomed to, our ability to pick up the fainter signals, the farther pieces of our orchestra, the vibrations of others in our songs, fades away. The minutiae of our lives, the energy created by our eclectic engine of thoughts are needed to feed the river. The river that holds the notes that are to play in this life song called humanity, and the healing that comes with… Life’s Symphony.

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