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I have a love of science. Being an imaginative person it doesn’t take much of those questions and answers we are looking for to create a whole stream of consciousness with every seed of knowledge. Even though I have an fascination for those areas of interest, I am just a layman, an armchair ponderer. My understandings of things is mostly self taught and comprehension of areas are just that, comprehensions, thoughts, ideas. So when I do ponder these thoughts and ideas of what the science says, I don’t mind being wrong and probably am in my realist inner thoughts. It is when the possibility that I got something right however that makes me ponder even more.

When I was a kid I imagined an auto-pilot kind of car system, I was about seven or eight and came up with putting computer chips into the road turtles they use to mark the lanes. Computers as we know them weren’t really a mainstream thing quite yet at that time, but the science said that this would work. Years later, when looking into the ways that self driving cars were considered throughout the years, my idea of road turtles was among them, and the idea was mostly the same as my childhood thinking. When I got ideas like this with my over imaginative thinking I couldn’t go to sleep until I had figured out how it all would work. How all of the pieces fit and the engineering of it. I learned at an early age to picture and build great constructs and machines in my mind, all within the realms of possibilities. Over the years some of the different notions of things have come to be, many did not, and many are just in limbo because we haven’t gotten that far yet. Yes, I was massively incorrect in most of the daydream inspired thoughts I had, but there were a few that I thought I was ahead of the game in. We all have ideas mine were no different.

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A headline grabbed my eye the other day as I scrolled through my science news favorites, bookmarked to various fields of interest. “Information has Mass;” While the headline itself didn’t spark that imagination engine, it reminded me of something that did. A few years ago I penned a rambling piece that often took note of how untethered it sounded. ‘Humans and Dark Matter,’ was a trip down the rabbit hole of thinking, a visualization of the connections that went into my ending premise. “Energy does not go away, it simply changes forms. So who are we to say what our thought, and emotional energies become when they change into their next form?” What I was trying to convey in that metaphysically connected warren was that maybe our emotions, our thoughts themselves, our etherical existences, constituted what scientists call Dark Matter? That was all lofty thinking, probably questionable on the whole sanity scale so I left it as that, a thought. This is where the whole conundrum of the more you know, the less you know comes in. It turns out that scientists have been in this hole beside me the whole time. Coming up with ideas is one thing, but to come up with something I thought was a new and original idea just to find that some of the best minds had arrived there too is somewhat spooky to be honest. The fact that these events of “independent discovery” actually reinforces some of what science theorizes is not to be overlooked either. Because the ideas themselves may have come from the pieces of the puzzle that they are trying to discover.

This Rabbit Can Dig

The questions of what we are and how we got here are as old as our species is, Neandertals didn’t question how modern humans got here, they were stuck on their own lineage. Squirrels don’t do it either, I am sure none of them are running around doing our existential thinking for us, it’s just us… In that whole search for answers there are some incredible pieces of evidence that we know are there, but can’t see it well enough to explain much of it at all. They are real scientific fields and being studied at length, but since we are limited by our human condition, we have a hard time putting this all together in our heads. It is so far out there in fact, most people just come to believe or fathom it as some kind of gobbledygook. Two of the subjects I am talking about are what scientists call Dark Matter, and Dark Energy, theorized as the biggest things out there that we can’t see.

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This is the point in which it all starts to go to the way out there stuff, the stuff we know and the stuff we believe in. It’s where the rabbit hole of thought lead this morning as a helpful break from the overthinking of self and societal grunge that too often appear… so I’ll take it. Refill the coffee cup, Gobbledygook meet rabbit hole, have at it…

Like I wrote earlier, it doesn’t take too much input sometimes for big ideas and thinking to start taking place, the science was telling me that I was onto something as gravity pulled me down the various underground tunnels. Looking into it, I came across some road turtles again, and realized I had been here before. When I penned Humans and Dark Matter my thoughts on the subject were sparked by a paper I had to do for technical writing class at the local community college. If I was going to try to comprehend what TNO’s(Trans-Neptunian-Objects) were, and their orbits and movement, I had to understand what effected those movements. That’s where the subject of Dark Matter came up, and in that imaginative head of mine the connections to other areas of thought kind of lit up like a string of LED’s in a dark room, or possibly a deer in headlights? As I also stated at the beginning, I like science, and having been hooked by the subject of Dark Matter and the particle physics that accompany the subject, articles and news pieces caught my eye easier than other subjects. Over the years picking up a bit of this and that throughout my readings. I soon found myself comprehending it all more than I felt I should have having never taken a physics class. Yet, as also stated previously, being imaginative and being right were two very different things.

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On an interest level I have a penchant for looking at the smaller parts of life, the emotions, and feelings, communications and whatnot in order to better understand the bigger world outside, the bigger conditions we share. I have followed those interests for a very long time but I also like to look at the huge parts of life that don’t reveal themselves to connect to a smaller human element, but find that they do ring within our own humanisms. Here’s where the LED’s of Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Quantum Mechanics, Particle Physics, Neuroscience, Astronomy, Archaeology and much more connect to those human elements that I have a passion to examine. It’s where hard science lines up with the meditation and spirituality, which meet up with the history and the belief systems that are abundant in our species. With a list of that nature, it’s going to take a bit to get through it all, but it’s still there knocking, so instead of breaking this up, I will just say it’s long and let you the reader decide where the breaks are.

A hundred years ago physicists thought it would be possible to measure how much mass there was in the universe, believing that they could do so using the motions of the stars and planets. When physicists tried to do this calculating though they found out that their numbers didn’t work, the answer wasn’t there. Their answer came to be that there was more matter in the universe than we can immediately measure or see. The behaviors of galaxies, and planets, the stuff that we were observing didn’t adhere to Newtons laws of motion. Over the decades the measurements from various fields of study came to identify the universe as 27% dark matter, 5% baryonic matter, that stuff we can detect and see, and 68% is something we call dark energy, those energies that we cannot see and are hard to detect, but can infer that they are there by the way stuff happens. Dark energy includes things like the Hubble constant – the expansion rate of the universe, the way that energies behave. Dark matter on the other hand involves the way that things stick together, the way masses interact with each other, how matter clumps together, and how galaxies dance along with each other. Think of one one as the forces that move the ocean, and the other the ocean itself. That’s overly simplified and not exactly correct, but it separates the two in thought. No evidence has been able to be directly detected in our best efforts though, so these are still just theories.

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Theories are just thoughts that have some form of substantive information that it is based upon, so I get to put together my own theories too. Segue to particle physics, In dark matter theories there is a belief that it is comprised of non-baryonic matter called WIMPS(Weakly Interacting Massive Particles.) Newer theories question whether it is SIMPS(Strongly Interacting Massive Particles) which are more responsible for it. The Standard Model of Particle Physics says that the universe is comprised of two kinds of particles Hadrons, and Leptons. Hadrons are comprised of a number of different things like quarks, anti-quarks, and other sub atomic pieces, while Leptons are in and of themselves primary particles that exist on their own. In some theories it is posturized that something called neutral neutrinos, those that only interact with normal matter through gravity is behind dark matter. As far as belief systems go this is something that I have had in my personal belief system long before my larger understanding of these areas. Neutrinos are almost massless particles that pass from the Sun through the Earth in massive streams, including you and I without anyone knowing it. Long ago I heard that little bit of information and it took hold of my imagination and spirit so to speak. I even told my sponsor that neutrinos are a part of my belief system. I have no idea what that meant then, and still don’t have a solid answer, but deep down I haven’t gotten rid of that belief either. There may be an answer found in this piece though as to why it’s still there.

Ate a Little Dirt Along the Way

This is where a theory from a Dr. Vopsom in the U.K. comes in. He, among others, theorizes that there is a mass-energy-information construct of the universe. That information has mass, and that is the missing mass in the measurements that physicists tried to find ruling out dark matter altogether. I think that in my earlier piece on it I pretty much inferred the same kind of thing, which is spooky because I got there completely ignorant of this kind of information on the subject. Which strangely collaborates Vopsom’s line of thinking, and reinforces my scientific and even spiritual beliefs… Okay, turn in the rabbit hole I guess, because if what the doctor is theorizing is to be believed, it would mean that there was something akin to an Akashic record out there, a warehouse of all the information, not just of our own making, but the information the entirety of the universe. Sure, that sounds a lot like gobbledygook, but if you look back at the science of it all and belief systems that humans use, there are connections everywhere. I am more of a God is everything or God is nothing kind of guy, so my beliefs consist of a lot of the science that he gave us to figure out. The gobbledygook that I can’t prove, but feel is, If you look at my writings throughout the years I am sure you can find many references to my thoughts on being connected to something bigger, The feeling that I pull words down from a flowing river of consciousness that is always there somewhere above my head. My history says that I have always had somewhat prophetic feelings and have spooked many people over my life with some kind of insightful Madame Cleo kind of stuff. I have lyrics to songs kind of shoved to the front of my thinking out of nowhere, in styles and voices that aren’t my own. Those are just the things off the top of my head, I always thought everyone could do the same things until I got sober and realized that not everyone experiences the world as I do. Since I can’t prove any of this to anyone else scientifically, It all becomes simply a part of my gobbledygook, my spirituality.

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Climbing out of that odd detour, the rabbit hole continues. The reason why beliefs have significance is the part where I have the ideas to begin with. If the information has mass theory is correct then the very act of having the idea about the other piece on humans and dark matter points to that very Akashic kind of record, an information “source,” that is theorized about. There’s nothing new about that thinking though, we have had the thought of such a source of information for millennia. Even though our contemporary idea of an Akashic Record is a construct of writings on Buddhism in the late 1800’s, the basis for the writings derived from the Sanskrit writings of the teachings of Buddha, the Akasa, and Nirvana. In Henry Steel Olcott‘s A Buddhist Catechism he writes “Buddha taught two things are eternal, viz, ‘Akasa’ and ‘Nirvana’: everything has come out of Akasa in obedience to a law of motion inherent in it, and, passes away. No thing ever comes out of nothing.” So bear with me for a minute, Doesn’t that sound a bit familiar? Modern theories on all of this information are nothing new either because they coincide with an older theory out there called Classical Information Theory, put out in the fifties by Claude Elwood Shannon. Information theory has many proponents including those that worked with Einstein, who proclaimed that everything was information. Believing that everything derived from answers of yes and no, a binary concept that spun off more recently into the thinking of a digital universe, the construct of a place very similar to the movie the Matrix. I am not agreeing with the theories, or necessarily being a proponent of them. I am saying that I find it fascinating that in my head all of this science tied into very ancient human belief systems. A connection to that part human sometimes unseen.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

― Nikola Tesla

Even for Rabbit’s digging isn’t a quiet exercise

Why all this big science connected to ancient practices is found in both fields of interest. Particle physics had in recent years discovered a theoretical particle that what was once described as the God Particle, the Higgs boson. Without going into the details of another deep rabbit hole, we found out a lot more about how we came to be and the role that vibrations – the frequency that our hadron matter moves… as to why our stuff sticks together. The Higgs field,   is a field that permeates space and endows all elementary subatomic particles with mass through its interactions with them. It’s still humming along and we are still learning much about it all. Here’s where my HAM radio friends, Treasure hunting shows, and those annoying bass blasting cars enter into it. When I was reading up on some of the things you can do with HAM Radios one of the things that popped out at me was listening to the Sun, and to the planets with an ultra low frequency (ULF.) The treasure show that I am currently into painfully watching is using ULF to look through solid matter for voids, and disturbances. Those annoying bass cars probably don’t realize that it will cause the giant worms to start to devour th…, sorry, that their bass travels through solid matter more easily and for a greater distance than they may think. Astronauts have described a sound to space as they were travelling to the Moon. NASA has recordings of the sounds that the planets make, all unique and individual to said planet. While Copernicus believed the planets were all in harmony like that of a lyre’s strings. Sounds are frequencies, frequencies cause vibrations, and vibrations allow mass, allow us, and dictate how we stick together. We know that neutrino’s are almost massless particles that flow throughout the universe freely going through our baryonic matter with ease. But they do have mass of some kind, and I wonder what if anything that mass brings? Or takes away with it as it passes through us all? Those bass stereos certainly do change my demeanor, and in that effect they directly show that there’s a correlation to human health and sound.

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Now when you look at the belief systems that humans have developed over our history, the very earliest manifestations to current ones involve sound. In almost every investigation into the practices that were adhered to, sounds were imperative. Just like that connection to human health and sound, human beliefs and sound go a long ways back. Archeological sites are more and more revealing that acoustics were well known to our earliest ancestors. Archaeoacoustics is a sub field of archeology and acoustics that studies this connection to our collective history. With stories of Stonehenge studies dealing with acoustics, the studies of the Mayan temples being giant loudspeakers. The whole connection to the frequencies of sub atomic particles started to hit home. Dark matter, dark energy, and many of the things we can’t see aren’t supposed to be seen, but heard? If information has mass of any kind, then what kind of mass would sounds take up? Cymatics, the practice of using sand, dust and fluids on an oscillator able to reproduce various frequencies reveal what sound does to matter. It is being studied on many fronts including human health and biology. While Functional Harmonics is a set of basis functions created from a brain graph. The brain uses a harmonic system to produce thought along the different frequencies of our brainwaves. The Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma brainwaves are measured through their respective Hz, Hertz; which is a measurement of frequency of one cycle per second.


The rabbit has run its course, the warrens dug, and the nesting material awaits. Our big science, and those parts of us that we don’t always see are closer than what some may think. It all at once expands the whole notion of being, and those questions of creation whatever they may be. It ties in that big stuff that we just can’t fathom, with the parts of us we just can’t explain.

The correlations that all of these things have with our own human nature is the point that struck me. The science of it all and the common connections to frequencies and sound, matter and dark matter, dark energy. With the recent launch of the James Webb Space Telescope maybe those answers will become closer to our understanding? Our understanding is opened wide every day, but it somehow always has a connection to a sound, a vibration, a frequency. To my past thoughts on our energies, our etherical beings as composing dark matter, to the thoughts that possibly dark energy is the accumulation of our sounds, the mass of our music, the echoes of the long dead stars that once were abundant? Having felt that I have touched just a part of this evidence; Having received a signal so to speak, it carries with it a certain truth, a suspect to why I feel neutrino’s are a part of my belief systems. It just amazed me as I read about the big science of today it seemingly leads to a story about our past, which we believe was not advanced, but may be just another layer of our history, one that may be better described as, the big loop.

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