When humans are overwhelmed, the psychology indicates that we enter a pattern of withdrawal, or indignation. A fundamental sorting of priorities initiates, and either an acquiescence, or a frustrated pall of angered confusion ensues.

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In the coming weeks, the world will be going through a foundational shift. The very composition of our mettle will be challenged as no other time in our recent history. In this era of division and pocketed mindsets the walls have disappeared, the common enemy is now shared amongst us. Those things that used to separate us will become more and more insignificant, the human element itself the pressing concern. Society was reaching a point of cannibalism, it was amassing a feeding frenzy of self serving circular appetites. That society has now been interrupted, slowed, and even stopped. As the weeks and months go by, the populace will reintegrate into their perspective lives. It may be different though, it may not hold the harder edges that we were forging in the past. Humanity has been once again been brought to the forefront, it will not cede easily.

The world is in no doubt very different today than it was a few weeks ago, or even yesterday. In the coming weeks the populations of humanity across the globe will embark in unison to break free from our perils. It will deliver the dearth and the suffering part of our natures, and it will deliver the highest parts as well, those of empathy, compassion, and understanding. Consideration is already mindful as we spend time with our families, and take renewed stock in those things of true importance. It is here, when faced with the uncertainty of fate, that we as a species are defined.

It is within that definition we find the truth of our actions, the sacrifice greater than egoic or monetary reward, survival the only just cause. The gathering storm has yet to peak, the unsteady hands still fumbling and shaking under the weight of said tasks. We will steady those hands with as many as it takes, we will share the burden of that weight together, and we will see clear waters once more. The tempests that follow will be met with the entirety of humanity, transcending the sovereignty of nations by natural laws that cannot be broken. Awaken by a purpose greater than the contrived, partisan, and hateful rhetoric that once surrounded us.

Whether personal, or professional, the stories that remind us of that human commonality are everywhere. A younger woman buying groceries for a scared elderly couple. The checking in on neighbors to ensure they have their basic needs met. The manufacturers and companies shifting production to necessary products to assist those working tirelessly on our behalf. The donations of every kind, from communities to countries, state to state, and people to people. The need sufficient enough reason for action, the inroads to dissolving our divisive nurtures driven powerfully by our communal natures. This is who we are, this is what we can do when met with the overwhelming weight, and the unknown fate, that we now share.

It may be wishful thinking, it may be prophetic, I may never know? I write this as someone who has severely compromised health, it could very well be my last piece if I become ill. at least it is something to add to the hope pile. The humanity we share is a powerful force, it should be promoted as such. Just something to think about in the weeks ahead in the interrupted world.


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