Humans and Dark Matter

The root systems of higher functions

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Most of us have heard the term dark matter, or dark energy. While most just check it off as science stuff, over the head, and the whatever categories, there is a dedicated branch of scientific research going on into it. Now, the only way that we can detect dark matter is by its inherent interactions with our matter, and our stuff. We can’t see it, or define what it is at all, but because it has a direct effect on our environment that we don’t understand, we are scientifically studying it. The term dark is in reference to our knowledge of it, akin to the Dark Ages, it is not a visually descriptive moniker.

Dark matter and space associations are always a great way to start when you are lost in existential black holes of thought and their event horizons. Like the associations a cook makes to the kitchen, the segues needed are handy and at the same time cryptic enough. In this case though they are pertinent to some degree as I attempt to weave a contemplative state and metaphysics into something that doesn’t sound like mental illness gone wild, in Cancun, with alcohol and drugs attached.

Life happens to people on more than one level, that much I am sure there is a consensus on. Thinking and development happen at different levels and at different ages as well, maturity, experiences, and environment, plays into the effectual timing of it all. There are also very different personalities and composition styles of this humanity that have been systematically overlooked, or in some cases simply mislabeled. It was only recently that there was discovered to be four distinct genus of Giraffe, and new human body parts, so the evidence is there that we get things wrong, or chose to be blind to it because of the complexity it requires to understand it. That part is human nature, to see something more complex than our intellect can fathom too often means it is not real, it is magic, or it is nonsense. In many cases we attribute an omnipotent power to it. We humans then proceed to pluck it apart like a daisy and with each petal we understand it more on our level, but not at all on its level… it’s dead.

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The dark matter connotations came in when I was examining my own mental pathways. A trail led off into the hither, the opportunity for a long walk. Like that scientific examination into dark matter, the examinations into similar emotional and mental pathways led me to examine their similarities.

Neuroscience, to Astrophysics, to Metaphysics; Segues that were still transitioning when another innate muon decided to fire off in my head. An acquaintance had used the pseudonym Mirror Neuron for years, a nod to the Mensa membership, and field of study. It wasn’t something I was aware of being a cook most of my life, and when I recently discovered some news on this part of Neuroscience, it fit into my thinking in so many ways, I had to try to explain it. Strictly selfish, curious, and ever pondering… A monkey typing Shakespeare in a Carl Sagan nightmare. That mirror neuron was the part that fired when people witnessed others pain. The pain receptors of the person witnessing a painful act on someone else, fired. Empathy at the most visceral level, a key component of connections unknown if I ever heard one.

That same acquaintance is also from China, and our discussions were on the ability to quantify intelligence via I.Q. tests. Recent discoveries in brain imaging, the philosophies of education, and life then came into play when the overall summary of life was explained as such.

~Much of China’s philosophy can be traced to India, where ancient psychology and philosophy were nearly indistinguishable. China says Man exists between Heaven and Earth; India says Man’s problems are rooted in Ignorance, Ego, What We Like and What We Dislike, and Fear of Death. I reduce that further to “We’re born, then ruled throughout life by Carrot-and-Stick; Pleasure-and-Pain, then we die. Like all other life forms.” Mirror Neuron.

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For someone who is genetically bound to those very types of questions of self and the bigger pictures, that simplistic approach to being human didn’t quite hold water. There are deeper forces at work here, ones based in scientific principles, but also as elusive as answers astrophysicists are trying to glean from the mysterious dark matter they are looking into. The general theory that has risen like a sourdough starter in my noggin is this; If we are studying a mysterious force that has effects on our environs, gravity, and particles, then isn’t emotion, creativity, and all the minutiae that is the human condition also just as pertinent to our physical environment as dark matter is with its interactions? Could there even be some higher liaison between the two?

In every pinch of history there is a dedicated percentage of humans bound to the questions and theories on what if, what next, and who are we? With a look at my history I must admit to being one of them who will never cease to ponder these things. In the processes of doing so, other theories, pondering’s, even pictures take shape, or more appropriately are projected onto my thinking. The great thing about not being an expert in anything is it allows me to be wrong, but in that wrong, there just may be a little right. One of those, if nobody thinks it, is it real? Kind of questions. We have dark matter, or dark energy, we have the commonalities of emotion, a metaphysical type of mirror neuron condition between humans; Toss in the query of that grander picture of are we just an animal? Live, breathe, die connotations? I don’t know why I even get these inputs, or what they are supposed to mean, but I am tasked with trying to put together a smidgen of a cogent thread on it. It’s looking more and more like Cancun.

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Just like dark energy, emotions, thoughts, and even beliefs, are forms of energy that have an immediate and long term effect on our physical environments. The mirror neuron example of witnessing pain, is far short of my belief that it does not have to be witnessed, but could be felt on some level even at great distances, another nod to films. My history says the latter is true, while science says so far we can only see so much. Even there science has evidence that is not being correlated from one discipline to the next. The human mind, and the pathways that are intertwined within consist of more than the live, breathe, die, department of beliefs. Like anything in this life or any, the more we learn, the less we realize we know. 

Epigenetic memories, or genetic memories as they are sometimes called, are being documented in other species. Generations of combined memories being passed along from one generation to the next through genetic coding. Scientists have traced it back fourteen generations in some cases, the meanings of which have enormous implications for our own transience through the epochs. In another piece I wrote about common sense, could some of ours be just hand me downs? These connections, whether minuscule or magnificent, are the snippets of insights that go together to paint some of these projected playthings. When something is connected again and again in my worldview/reality, I notice it.

The thing that amazes me about astrophysics and astronomy is that the more we discover, the more it looks like organics to this layperson’s eyes. The latest diagram of our exploration of space looks more like a human nervous system than a collection of galaxies. The descriptions of the outer edges of the solar system reminds me of the miniaturization, and injection into the body scenes from various movies. The descriptions of gravity, and cosmic winds more akin to oceans and expanses we have chronicled for centuries. Whether this is just our minds trying to grasp at some associative aspects or not, it also states that their is something to associate to us, something we could recognize, even way out there in the nothingness of space. If we are so special and unique, then we shouldn’t have anything out there that is anything like us, that’s not the case so far.

I could include within all of this, hundreds of other connection points, other stories of space and nature that speak volumes about the connectivity of our live, breathe, die, lives. It would be nothing short of a spiritualists ravings, a scientists frustration, and a ministers bemoaning. The reasoning behind the examples so far is for clarity, even though it appears that this is where the alcohol/drugs are kicking in. Like I said, a long walk, and pathways, like a nervous system they lead everywhere and simultaneously point back to a similar beginning. In this case the beginning was emotions, looking into my own energy system, the way it is cyclical, and has areas in it that are as strange to me as other planets at times. It is just an examination, the orbits are cyclical, the points seen wither away into either a noble walk, or a chorus of insanity. Either way it should be entertaining.

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Technology is at its infancy in discovering the interconnections between our environments. The natural world is very much alive and communicative in its forms of information processes that we have overlooked, or couldn’t see before. The communications between plants and animals, between Earth and water, water to sky, and sky to space, is just one causeway of connectivity. The quantum entanglement, that part that reminds us that we are all made of the same materials, is a warehouse for other causeways of connectivity. That same material is held together through some seriously layered forms of vibration, frequency, and harmonics. It is not only the foundation of one of Tesla’s most famous quotes about the nature of us; It is the principle behind the Higgs boson, the discovery of the God Particle, and light, thus life itself.

Lidar, Infrared Space Telescopes, such as Spitzer, and multi-beam bathymetry, are showing us parts of our environments we have never seen, nor imagined before. Similar technologies that allow us to examine our outer environments being used to also examine our inner ones. Neuroimaging of the brain in action is handing us terabytes of data and avenues of study. EEG, PET, MRI, and fMRI, are the four most common forms of brain imaging. Each providing answers to some of our biggest questions, while also producing previously unknown connections between systems, both internal and external. Not only are areas of the brain being mapped like new planets discovered, the importance of those connections and the health of the electric avenues that we rock down to every second are being understood. In my train of thought at this point Dr. Sagan is repeating the bit about being made up of the stuff of stars. With another notion of being we are closer to that stuff of stars than we could possibly imagine.

Dark matter, that force that is making itself known could very well be connected to the human experience more than we realize. The stories and references to an Akashic record belong to our species from the beginning. The constructs and beliefs, thoughts and even the prayers that we have muttered, are a form of energy, a synchronization of frequencies that would find similar frequencies if the duality model holds true. Like attracts like, and in the case of the natural world that rings true more than in the human one. The idea that our collective consciousness, or manifestation of thoughts could produce a force that we could almost grasp has the makings of a statement of self committal. On the other hand though, the evidence has been all around us since we started out. The idea, the belief, or concept that we are more than the sum of our parts is not a new one. The connection to something bigger than ourselves is something that is derived by nature, not necessarily derived by a belief in any deity, in any one thing, but by the abundance of it all. Like why does my cat insist on speaking to me, if it does not wish to communicate?  

With discoveries of new kingdoms of the tree of life in just the past few years. These connections may become more apparent as we age into whatever we are to become. We have seen the disastrous effects of not connecting the dots soon enough to stave off diseases, our own karma of curiosity, and even extinction. The dots that are going to be made apparent to us in the near future will be the discoveries we need to think on, to play out to their ends before we play human with them. Before they become the daisy’s that are dissected and understood on our baser levels. The accumulation of energies, of frequencies, and emotions that we create finding a place in the cosmos to call home seems not so far fetched at times. Energy, does not go away, it simply changes forms, so who are we to say what our thought, and emotional energies become when they change into their next form? You can say that they become our actions, our discoveries, and our lifetimes. Those aspects that do have a direct effect on our environments, our homes, and our world. We may not know what Dark matter is, or what effects it has on our world, so in effect is it strangely like us and our stories, the continuing saga’s of humans and Dark matter.

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