To write to me is to explore,From the very top to the deepest core,That part human sometimes unseen,Compiled of the many things,That show themselves in acts and words,Like kindness that is returned,So take to heart a cook am I,And thought filled are these words of mine,To approve or accept not,Is yours like mine.... simply a... Continue Reading →

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The Big Loop

It's where the rabbit hole of thought lead this morning as a helpful break from the overthinking of self and societal grunge that too often appear... so I'll take it. Refill the coffee cup, Gobbledygook meet rabbit hole, have at it...

Life in Atrophy

Maybe that's the reason why this works for some so well, finding that the biggest mountain to climb is the one that crawls so deep.

Larger Than Life

Because I cannot fathom a moment in life when I didn't have him there with a call, his voice carrying that of four men, his hands another knuckle in size.

Winchester’s Ghost

That left me trying to piece together and scout around at what was left over, the foundational pieces of who I am. I found the pieces that I could change, that didn't hold weight any longer, and those that never did.

Just Don’t Stay

What happened felt like I was taking a long run at a moving train in hopes I could tackle it and derail the thinking that had rutted my tracks so deeply.

Blog Check-in

Just a note on the blog here, I have searched for weeks to try to find some sort of fix for the issues. But it appears WordPress isn't supporting the theme in which I built and put years of work into. That means if I want to have some basic functionality in my editor, the... Continue Reading →


Well, WordPress keeps on changing their editor. It's functions are moved, the fonts change and disappear. One week I know how to change the font, the next week I can't even find it. I am trying to study the world of WP, but it appears I have to learn code or something to get anything... Continue Reading →

Children of the Scorn

We ultimately have a responsibility to uphold, and finding those weaving abilities again is just a part of it, and coming this core belief comprehension is just a small part of that.

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