About Me

Tempests Follow

The writings and thoughts of Martin Douge.


The youngest of nine, a jack of all trades. The term Renaissance Man applied to me more in the last ten years than I am comfortable with. A retired chef who always had a few other jobs and a penchant for words. Recovering from Alcohol and drug addiction, and on a quest to find the better thinking that comes from knowing one’s self. These pages contain the mostly unedited journey of growth and thinking, the challenges and struggles of my journey. It has left me more whole and is the manner in which I can apply service to others that may be able to use something here in their journey’s.

I found out through this effort and work that I am what is commonly known as gifted, a name that does more harm than good in the explanation of spectrum disorders. It was the last piece of the puzzle I had searched for for over forty years, and I am still much in the infancy of this knowledge, so my journey takes me to a new mountain, and a new direction of service at the same time.

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