On Coaster,

It was on this day the two of you wed,

A beautiful wedding as everyone said,

Your family and friends were there by your side,

While I must admit that I even cried,

And with a strength surpassing the Sun, two hearts united as one,

Took upon their lives together, that piece of time that is forever.

And if ever asked it shall be said, I saw true love,

When the two of you wed.


Christmas Wish

I wish I had the gifts to give, as you have given me,

A little note of hello, or a childhood memory.

A laugh just when it’s needed, a hug that’s just in time,

A connection to a friend with a joyous state of mind.

They are close to this heart as any gift received,

They are the kindest things, that this life does need.

A poke that’s meant in jest, cause you tease the ones you like,

The comfort of a shoulder, that has been through those same nights.

I wish I had the gifts to give, as you have given me,

I wish I could share the grace, in my life it brings.

As I stand beneath the boughs, with it’s shining brilliant lights,

I will know this day more presents spread, than that which are in sight.

I will raise my head up to the sky and hold my blessings close to me,

A Merry Christmas one and all, and for the gifts you are in being.


I am not the most romantic, Big Lug comes to mind

I do not buy you flowers, and gifts just hard to find

I have not given you a big house, or fancy things at all

The TV shrinks to half it’s size, when problems come to call

I only listen part of the time, you read my mind so well

I sometimes wonder if you think, that you’re doing time in hell

I do leave you my messes, and all my little quirks

Like washing in the colors, just a few white shirts

And interrupting others, when they speak their mind

Reminded to be quiet again, that I will have my time

Yes, not the most romantic, that is surely true

These words of mine the only gift, that I can give to you

You see so many years ago, you may not have known back then

You took a liking to a child, inside a grown mans skin

We grew so much and fought so hard, it really was insane

How a love of all these years, lived through all that change

But we did and prospered, our lives grew through and through

With strife our love got stronger, what else were we to do

Oh how I’ve dreamed a thousand times, to grant your every wish

But what would have become of us, if we did not have this

Yes, not the most romantic, but this I give to you

My life has a larger purpose now, it’s direction more than true

The light in which I see the world, shines brightly through your eyes

My spirits lift so much with you, it’s as if that I could fly

Respect and honor, love and bless, are the lessons I have found

A little piece of forever, to which I’m gladly bound

The reason for the rising, in every single day

Of joy and grace in my heart, and blessings when I pray

So I just want to thank you, for your love and what it brings

In case you ever wonder, it means everything


I took a picture of you, I know that we’re friends

That little picture, that we laugh at and send

It is just a little snap, of when we went to that place

It is not at all needed to remember your face

Your smile and aura were not caught in that moment

I really did think that you ate all my donuts

But I have been around for just a few of these days

I have seen the cruelty of time on our ways

The best of my friends have had life all come up

The shopping for kids, the repairs of the truck

These lives of ours are so demanding at times

It is no wonder we can barely ever find

Some moments for friends and things we enjoy

Like walks in the woods, and perfect bok choy

I took a picture of you, I know that we’re friends

For those moments unchanged, til I see you again



We do not wish the world away, we hold dear so very much,

We cannot wish the pain away, or drink and drug it such,

We can do all that we can, to suffer less through pain,

We can let others know, we know, we feel the same,

Let those who question what it’s like, to know no fear like ours,

For real and true this condition is, the depths they go very far,

I will not close my eyes to that which I can’t understand,

For this bane has taught me much, of my fellow man,

So shatter not with dimly views, of others and their plights,

Hold them dear in prayers and thoughts, that they make it through the night.


The Cast

As they play with the strings of karma and fate,

Taunting and pleading, asleep and awake,

Taking the lead, inappropriate at times,

Controlling the others, as they speak their lines,

The set always changing with each passing word,

Sometimes the silent, the most loudly heard,

Through all of the scenes, director or not,

They take their places, leaving few empty spots,

Then exit the stage when caught unrehearsed,

Everyone thinking that they should come first,

So many are they that the program never done,

All at the same time, they are only one.



(12 years old)

When I look down to the sea, I always see the sky,

And when something is really sad, it makes me want to cry,

But when I look into your eyes, I come to know and realize,

The reasons why you’re leaving me, is not for reasons of being free,

But for all the things I did to you, and all the times I made you Blue.


The Jester

He laugh’s as he sits on the throne while he’s gone,

In knowing the rank, from rook to pawn,

He cautiously tends to his favor and health,

While quietly planning for his future wealth,

He has quite the wit, humor, and stride,

To his mighty master, he seems such a prize,

The wizard of lore could see him all true,

But cursed with disfavor, could not he do,

Her majesty, blind from fever and ill,

Was the one which he’d act, with all of his will,

To brighten her darkness, and give her ways,

To see again memories of yesterday,

To some a mere clown without any sense,

To some a demon, to hell send back whence.

The heart which he holds is nay what it seems,

Because the best of his soul, is all that he creeds.



The smiles you bring lift me,

As does the honesty you share,

Your lessons they do teach me,

At times I’m unaware,

The emotions you convey helps me rise,

As does the stand you take,

Your path in life unique, but wholly yours to make,

I guess this is a thank you for all the little things,

Like smiling along with me, when off key it is I sing,

Some don’t know, or even care to find,

The joy of a friendship, like yours and mine,

But if they do, and choose to see,

They’ll find a treasure trove of memories


The Navigator

Through tempest, swells, and pitch the night,

Through beckoning to become the might,

The Navigator sees the course,

The best of plans are simply forced,

To follow not with their hearts desire,

A potential path to aspire,

Through learning we achieved a place,

In which we’re proud of our faith,

Thus stand alone with our fate,

But I must say that in this life,

The readiness to points of light,

Came from your heart and ways there to,

When questions asked of what to do,

Nay the master, nor the slave,

But the teacher and the Mage,

To this soul a debt unpaid,

For eternity, friend and course is made.


Casted Souls

The stones had failed from the mountains above,

Incapable of knowledge, feelings, or love,

They shared the same qualities, but structure unique,

As each one a part of the sum of the peak,

Scattered along the path they lay silently,

Each an illustration in a story unseen,

They are an enigma in a battle of strife,

They each hold a value, if you will a life,

Fulfilling a place in the fabric of time,

Significance unknown, casted souls like mine.



The moment stands ingrained in my soul,

When destiny sought to not take its toll,

When the meaning of who, and why I am here,

At first left disguised, did suddenly appear,

It blessed unto me a warmth I not knew,

The grace and the beauty of something that’s true,

My heart opened wide to see it all clear,

The answer to things in my life that once seared,

Through all of my thoughts, through all of my years,

Though I have been patient, yet unfulfilled,

The scars left unseen still prospered and built,

The next door I open in this life of mine,

I wish to leave open for us to reside,

For I have been blessed with your courage and love,

With light beyond the stars above,

That moment in time, I will not lose, but will give,

For the moment here spoken, is when I started to live.


My Home

I remember the smell of the fresh bread when baking,

And all of the warmth, from her kitchen while making,

Our childhood special, humble yet grand,

Like telling us always to wash our faces and hands,

At the table of which had seen all of my days,

Is where he would sit except Saturday,

That’s when he sat alone in his chair,

And ask if the offence would ever be there,

The brothers and sisters of which I had eight,

Would become the clatter and din life would take,

When thinking of home, that magical place,

So when we are gathered, how rare though it is,

We’ll always be home in our hearts where it lives.

Here is the adult version.

Building Thanksgiving

There was nothing done small in the house where I lived,

epic proportions in order, to match all of the kids.

The tables would stretch end to end of the house,

Late arrivals would have to make due on the couch.

The numbers would steadily grow through the years,

The chairs and the floors would creak with their fears.

The door was never locked to any brave soul,

Who would sit down beside us and bask in our droll.

The banter and tantrums on full display,

From the adults none the less, the kids never stayed.

The TV was turned off, and we all took our seats,

Elbows tucked in, with the clashing of knees.

There in the silence of grace as was said,

A moment I looked at my family and friends.

My heart filled up huge and my eyes shed a tear,

Thanksgiving was granted for all of my years.

For wasn’t this everything held dear in life?

The amen I heard, told me that I was right,

We now seldom all gather, our numbers too large,

Too impatient to wait for those coming from far,

Life has us spinning, resentments abound,

Sometimes just big ol assholes, who won’t come around,

We seem to all know that, and thanks still we give,

Because we’ll always be home in our hearts where we live.


The Fire in the Winter

The chapel has spread to each inch of ground,

The footprints of the lost lay easily found,

The stream is muted by its icy veil,

The birds on frigid zephyrs sail,

The boughs are weighed in the seasons snow,

The Sun, the fire that winter knows,

The forest floor is speckled with green,

The mountain tops climb higher it seems,

Humbled by this, natures gift,

Peace on Earth my only wish.


The Artist

The canvas is blank, the medium unknown,

The pictures and why, lay deep in his soul,

The completed works, sit in the corner, all past,

The stillness of the next, his focused task,

As the colors are placed, at first just a line,

The artist’s emotions take shape in due time,

He cannot be forced, or pushed just too far,

For the brushes he uses, begin in his heart,

As the masses of wood, fabric and paint,

Pile up in the room, his work, all unpaid,

Are there for nothing but piece of mind,

That perhaps in this world the artist can find,

A common connection to your life and mine.


The Bard and the Sage

To each endeavor a spirit brought,

To life’s meaning, an answer sought,

To reasons why, the blame not seen,

To each a question, a point between,

To common men, a story heard,

To Gods creations, respect deserved,

To a friend, a toast decreed,

My name to call in time of need.


The Tempest of Being

The truth at times can be found,

As you stare into the rain soaked ground,

The steps you choose are yours to take,

Be cautious, and learn from mistakes,

The eyes you use in which to see,

Weigh in thought before you seek,

The hands you use, implied or real,

Are better served to build and heal,

The voice you use, power or muse,

Do not justify a bruise,

The sounds you hear, inside or out,

Can be a sign to apply some doubt,

The life you live, short or long,

Will simply lead you til next dawn.


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