Yes, it is a sad fact about today that goes unnoticed, deemed not newsworthy. We are a nation with every passing day that goes carelessly deeper into oblivion. We are at war whether the sensibilities of one allows belief or not, a war it most certainly is.

On this site, in my articles, I have said this all along. A coup and a takeover all bundled up together, and a world shift away from our goodwill at hand. Believe what you want to, because that is the accumulation of your experiences and intellect. But manipulation is the first stanza and people are being manipulated at an alarming rate, with reasonability and thought running a distant second. The interference into our collective fabric by outside actors is just one of many forms of psychological warfare being used on the unsuspecting or simply uneducated. The news cycles do not help matters either because they are manipulatable by anyone who cares to study them. Anyone can get away with telling a lie as long as it is not counter pointed to begin with. Today those cycles are being used by the people who invented this kind of warfare and the marketing enrichments of the internet have given them a broad and hazardous reach.

The main aspect about all of this is our own willingness to scoff at the implied intrusions. I wrote before that the cold war never ended, it never got to the point that we should throw open our doors and security to our protagonists. We are easy prey, we are even self flagellating ourselves and inviting it to continue. Russia, yes that Russia is attacking us and prodding at us to test the waters of actual all out war. They have blatantly said they can turn our lights out, that they would attack our service members in Syria. They have built four new military bases at the Arctic and if people are no concerned about that then maybe a look at a globe would be wise. China is going back to one man rule as is Russia still, the time of demagogues is upon us and this is the last chance for us to wake up. A new poll say that 75% of the G.O.P. believes in a “Deep State” and that is amazing to me, because as much as I could entertain something akin to a deep state operation; I also feel like the cumulative part of that polling doesn’t understand anything about government or how it works past the first layer or two.

Maybe it’s just the fungible parts of knowledge that give people the impression that they know something. Maybe a lucky guess or some minute area of success gives them the belief that they understand the complexities and nuances that lay in governing a living growing body such as ours. Government is as big as we are and as hard headed too, we created it because of the need in most cases for there to be a department of this and that. We are human beings making mistakes and correcting them, or making something good seem unworldly bad because, like I said, we are human. It is hard to fathom the spin doctors of today because their spin doesn’t have a any other base in reality. That is bizarre and hard to follow and it gets ignored. This is aptly fitting that in class we are reading stories, and one of them is Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” it is in that same vein that this is ignored into an alternate belief system. The chaos is even being bragged about by the Russians and the millenials are all taking this to ridiculous absurdities to scoff them away.

A disquieting war because inside and in the threads of intuition there is little peace. There is little room for hopeful apathetic bliss, the history is clear, the actions are overt and the education that Plato so richly spoke of has yet to take hold after millenia. There can be only one is a reference to the Highlander stories, it is also mostly true with the way history plays out and the acts of the uncommon men on the unsuspecting or oblivious. Disquieting yes, like a cancer that goes unchecked, it has attacked the psyche of a nation and exposed the self-righteous nature of their ignorance.





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