In examining things that will shape and propel our civilization forward, it is seldom popular to examine them as they are happening in fear of shaping the messages or demonizing them. There are many factors and facets that are arranging themselves now, and in looking at how that may affect the future, some thinking remains unchallenged and assumed. That is not the way to effect the change we really wish for and leaves us usually right back at the starting point in most of our societal ills.

My “deal” has and will always be fairness, a kind of doctrine that seems more inherited than learned. Being just as connected to both sides of my brain leaves me in a real bind at times like this, when discussing certain topics. There is a reason for the long lead in and explanation, this topic is about the sexes, and in cases like this I want both sides to come out of it, not on top, but with the most repairing done that we can. Open wounds need mending, but if we keep on stitching up over the bad tissue, we are going to need sutures replaced all the time. That is no way to heal.

As much as the country has seen a political divide open up into a deep chasm, the same can be said with the discussions about the sexes in all of their forms, sexes and discussions. I have tried to engage in discussions on the subject but have been met with the same thinking that got us here. “I am a male and therefore cannot speak on them, because this is a male centric problem.” Wow, do I really understand that! The Patriarchal society model has not served women well at all in fact quite the opposite. Women are upset and rightly so, but anger is not a tool for change, simply retribution. Change depends upon understanding, and understanding includes all of the voices within.

I read stories of something named toxic masculinity, a newish term being used to describe what is happening with our young boys. I read the stories about how this young man is this and that and that’s why such and such happened. The problem or unfair aspect I see in much of this is a generality and label being generated to describe a large swath of the population. Most of these articles and inside looks are being done by women and for women, if someone can’t see the irony in that, whether true or not, is amazing. We as a country are still trying to cleanse the idea that men should decide what happens with women’s health and reproductive systems. Are we seeing a wholesale discount store on what should happen with men and boy’s emotions and psychological state? As decided and shaped by the opposite sex? Individualistic that we claim to be, are we merely just replaying the status quo?

I really dislike doing things over and over again. I am either fond of efficiency or just amazingly lazy and I suspect it is the latter. I have written pieces trying to get a point across simply to examine this aspect of all that we do with our high jump, knee jerk wipeouts. I want, and yearn for an understanding that the messaging is too one sided, that there is a way about this that will leave an enduring legacy instead of a scorched Earth policy. It is apparent that the burning of everything is going to be a part of it, I doubt there will be enough labor left that wishes to rebuild, no materials to work with. Retribution is what it is, one sided and it is rarely a way to make amends.

There is vast and widening chasm that must be bridged to move on into the next chapter in the story of humankind. Sexism and the differences, the criminal in nature, the differently oriented, the warriors of their gene pools, is just one of the facets in the stone of the next world order. Political, ecological, socio-economic, and survivability will be just some of the others. This discussion must be made whole and healing instead of filled with retribution and spite, anger and antagonism, when the entirety of those involved are welcome and heard. When the generalities attributed to the sex are put behind us and a new time of listening is undertaken. Change has occurred, the hearts and minds have been aligned correctly for some time now. To cast those that care about change and healing onto those who would hold it back is unfair, and unjust. It will not lend to an enduring understanding and compassion but a constant need for mending and re-festering in the Next World Order.

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