One of the many areas of the world that will always be going through change is the classes of the population. At this moment some of those aspects are front and center and others are hidden rather well.

From the Panama papers to the Wikileaks and every bit of hacking in between there are fewer and fewer places to hide secrets. Even long held taboo’s are being hashed out on the public stage and it will continue to grow. People are no longer fraught with indecision about what to do, what to say, or how loudly to say it. It is no longer a point of insulation with the indignities of abuse on all levels. People are victims and others are the perpetrators, and that will not stand the test of time in this next world order. Justice has taken back its name and honor and has been relegated once more to the rightful owners, people, humans, us… We.

Just like addicts though, we will fight hard and be fought harder by those who see no reason for change, no reason to move forward. The very essence of our societal labelling has to be examined repeatedly and also challenged. The reasons should be clear, we are no longer recognizable under the labels of the last millenium. Sure, we still use the vernacular, we still intone that someone fits into this box with that label or that box and its label. The truth though is that we cannot recognize certain aspects of change because we don’t know that they are happening or have happened. One area that has been a standard metric for generations that will help illustrate this is the “housewife.” Just that name alone elicits a response, yet also the stereotypical and newer aspects of being one. The mental pictures and sensibilities about that one area are enough to comprehend that “housewives” has grown and changed over its lifetime.

That same realization though has got to be extended to everything we encounter going forward. The meaning of the words have changed ever so slightly, the alternate meanings have defined a different set of sensibilities and ideals. The housewife is anymore often a man, the boss often a woman, The roles of everyone taking on a different meaning, their power and the change that comes with the recognition that things have changed, taking on a new life now. Even the definition of what it means to be a child has changed and we have not yet realized that parents are more and more inclined to not even recognize the world their kids have to live in. The flipping over of the change machine happening faster than generational training can keep up with.

Every single job and system of work should be examined. Because they don’t mean the same thing anymore. The traditionalism and nationalism do not hang from the same key chain any longer. The definitions ever changing and subjective as our collective thinking will allow. We know what we are doing, just not why, or what it would be called anymore? Our houses look great, but hell no! Don’t come inside. The foundations are changing, the truth is either out there or will be exposed soon. Corruption will have little place to hide except out in the wide open. Collectives of vigilante justice will expose the biggest collectives and the smallest of dabblers. There is one thing that begets change better than anything else, that is pain, and we are hurting for that I am certain.

The whole idea of a society based upon antiquated caste and class systems are disappearing. We are collectively working more and more within our regional and national “tribes.” The cohesion that once brought us together as a whole and dictated certain behaviors that were against our goodwill, is gone. We are all patriots and at the same time understand that we must do better, we must not rest on our laurels, and we must continue to recognize and realize change. Our traditions will speak to our future and not simply used to try to cease our movement. The old societal model is going to fall away whether we like it or not, if we are ready and understanding of that change then we will flourish. If not, then we won’t.

We are at a point of what is called globalization, where we are all too close to elbow everyone out of our way. We can’t kill them all and push people out forever, there isn’t enough room. Taking our place in this millenium it should be noted that we are in last place through much of this thinking I wrote of above. We are behind the pace to live in this next generation, and time has rusted our efforts in their places. If we are not aware of it, we cannot do anything about it or even use it as a lesson. If we are aware of it, then we can catapult ourselves into this, the next millennium, with a peace of mind and an excitement that we can partake in, the next world order.

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