Yes, in the best of Sherlock Holmes inquiry, small insights often lead to larger pictures. Those little things that undo the biggest of plans and aspirations. It is those small insights, when they are noted again and again that the larger picture of us comes into a clearer light. The clues we leave on the paper of our lives reveal that we take the same steps forward and backwards, progress, regression, progress, regression.

In everything we do there is a cost of some kind or another, beit money, or moral, environmental or emotional. We use those costs to shelter us from those things that we deem unworthy, unpleasant, below us or abhorrent. We place others on pedestals that are not of our making, simply because we are supposed to. We place others in places beneath our perceived status, because that is how we claim a pedestal. Almost infinitesimally small, a notion or thought, we have done it so long we may not even recognize it at all. We use discersion as a tool, we use judgement as a weapon.

The comments we make on all of these threads and social media postings paints a picture of all of this. From the citizens of Charlottesville to Houston a few disasters that could have been managed vastly differently, people are screaming for their “costs” to be covered. In Charlottesville the cost is not as much a disaster in monetary amounts, but to the national fabric and the racial tensions they inflamed. In Houston, the cost of Harvey and the infrastructure and insurance debacles that they face has opened up many other wounds. People on all sides of every notion and every thought of a cost of any kind want help, they want it now, and they believe that they should come first. Theirs is the most important cause, their pedestals shine brighter or in case others dull in the shade, the blight of society.

The blight we see also comes in all forms, political, environmental, monetary; In other words a cost of some kind again. Those costs we shield ourselves from, we shield our psyches, our intellect, our pocket books and our minds and our bodies themselves. The blight we have and will always bring with us will not change until we recognize this fact. The blight that we bring with us and that grand utopia “society” has become other people, has been other people, and in the best condemnation of society itself; Always has been other people.…

As I wrote earlier, we are more accurately a group of countries without borders that united at the moment. I can’t say that is not the way it has always been. In those regional issues also comes with it a regional or passed along set of truths taken to absurdities. We have all sorts of regional stereotypes, and those are taken to extremes as well. We push ourselves past the discomfort, the undignified, the unhealthy aspects of it all until we are at a better place. Then sabotage those benefits for the cost of something real or imagined because we do that, we break down to the inth degree anything we don’t understand to make the costs that much more meaningless. We all do that on a personal level to one degree or another, we all make the cases for war and peace, which of the profits or costs is the carrot to our noses. War in these cases is not in the classical sense, and peace has as many shades of gray as does strife. As long as there are stories to spin and people to blame, the divide will always be simply us, the easiest denominator, the quickest escape route for divisive thinking.

The things I notice in the comments more and more, and quite a bit with the younger generations is hollowness. Those shells that won’t open because they and many of us have been raised and educated to deal with the external world. Trained also then turn blind eyes and awkward frustrations to that only place we can change as a person and people, internal. There will be no end to this repetitive cycle of corrupt thinking and undoing of our brightest moments until we understand that part of things. I know this is going to be looked over and mostly ignored because people don’t like to look inside, they do not wish to travel their minds alone, they want company of some kind. A kindred soul or a similar thought process, it is great until we realize that for every good idea and thought there are equal amounts of bad that wants representation in our thinking too. Broken isn’t the word for it, more like blinded and deaf.

I couldn’t understand the thinking of my very gay and married friend who is a staunch Republican, even now. She couldn’t understand my call about the anthem protests in the NFL. The young woman who has an Autistic brother and teaches special needs children mocking others because in her mind mocking “them” is ok, but the word retarded comes up and it’s on like Donkey Kong. Or the Brit transplant that is making fun of BLM for not going into Houston to save the majority Black population??(25%). When trying to explain to him why that is apples and oranges, he blew me off because he couldn’t and didn’t want to think, didn’t want to challenge his beliefs. He was dealing with the externals, the tangible, and wondering what the heck is wrong with that?

The problems we are facing right now will always be there until we understand and correct the equation. We are not raising a generation ahead of us that is better off, we are not extinguishing these issues and wrong thinking from our past. We are simply growing hollow people, who are only trained to deal with the external, tamp down and drug up those other inside things because value means another thing altogether, and the definition of the word cost continues to grow. Many of us are already there, lived a life of it and see the difference between a life well lived and a life just stuck in existing only in that tactile world. It takes both parts of this equation to correct much of what is wrong with our “society,” our collection of souls. In war, the costs are calculated in casualties and monetary figures, while in peace the costs are not counted, the lives lost to “peace” through misunderstanding, hatred and segregation of our people is not calculated. In war and peace the divide is inside and in that end we believe we are fighting something. That something is us, ourselves, inside, every one of us. Not recognizing the real enemy has left us here. Your choice to ignore, or believe, your country and others lives to wager. War and Peace have costs and the divide we speak of in these threads is sometimes much smaller than we know. Peace.

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