Growing Thanksgiving

The meal is much smaller now, than it had been in years before, The family that has gathered, knows that there are many more. Their faces and their presence, will not be brought this day, It's a far and silent honor, to the lives at grace we pray. As we give thanks and gather, no... Continue Reading →


Sometimes those Forever People pass too soon. I took a picture of you, I know that we're friends That little picture, that we laugh at and send It is just a little snap, of when we went to that place It is not at all needed to remember your face Your smile and aura were... Continue Reading →

Old Ballard

Have been navigating medical issues. Writing is difficult to finish at the moment. My old neighborhood liked this though. The rumble of the train, and the bellowing of its horn, would sound around the end of day, in this place that I was born. The Olympics would be all aglow as the Sun did take its... Continue Reading →

Gratitude of Friends

Just a little ditty for a friends 28th sober anniversary.     A grateful head is bowed tonight, Awash in love, and points of light. The strength and hope, and answered prayers, The grace and joy, and friendships shared. Has brought me to a peace in life, Serenity through the darkest plight. I share this... Continue Reading →

Down the Rabbit Hole

The patchwork of this friendship quilt is a fascinating affair The once thick fabric pieces, in places threaded bare The colors change, they glow and fade, and stitches disappear The meaning of that piece of love, to our heart it is placed near Or the reason why that other friend, is right next to your... Continue Reading →

Christmas 17

Twas the week before Christmas and all over the place, Let's get this thing done, was on everyone's face. The decorations are pondered, as to how much is needed, The paydays are counted, the collectors aren't heeded. The fireplace going when the burn ban is lifted, Looking for that thing, you were going to re-gift... Continue Reading →


To write to me is to explore,From the very top to the deepest core,That part human sometimes unseen,Compiled of the many things,That show themselves in acts and words,Like kindness that is returned,So take to heart a cook am I,And thought filled are these words of mine,To approve or accept not,Is yours like mine.... simply a... Continue Reading →

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