In chaos, every instant is a symphony

To understand our universe better, astronomers look through the smallest of apertures in order to view the bigger picture, the connections between our earthly body and its surroundings. When examining the human ordeals of existence, society, and communications, the larger lenses are used to see the microcosms, the filtering is done in a societally data driven systematic fashion. Within those dynamics, the building of groupthink, tribalism, and asymmetrical belief systems are fertilized. It has brought about a contemporary chaos to our directions, our foundations, and our way forward. Communications, interactions, intent, and ideals, are societally being changed in ways we aren’t fully aware of. This is not being accomplished by some divine plan though, rather a chaos action/reaction game. A playground game of Merry-go-Round pushed against the gravity of society and beliefs, seeing which parts have the strength to hold on. Throughout this effort of holding on, letting go, re-grasping, the cumulative debris is looked on as chaotic, unorganized, with no decipherable inroads into the heart of matters. In the spirit of exploration, using those smaller apertures to view our larger surroundings may shed light on some different sources of gravity, the climate change of the human condition, and the borders of chaos creating those almost tangible boundaries, that are today, still sensed more than they are seen. A supernova is utterly beautiful to witness from light years away, but to be engulfed in its throes it would be impossible to imagine said beauty.

Chaos theory is an interdisciplinary theory stating that, within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems, there are underlying patterns, interconnectedness, constant feedback loops, repetition, self-similarity, fractals, and self-organization. This behavior is known as deterministic chaos, or simply chaos.

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The past decade has been as much of a technical juggling act, as much as it has a human awakening. The evidence is all around us, but trying to discern the motivations, the expectations, the changing dynamics, is like trying to hold every grain of a handful of sand. As much as some were blending in with the digital empires around them, others were looking away from that aspect of life, searching for a more analog approach. The vast number of us lay somewhere in between those two societal extremes, but the effects of their gravities still cause fluctuations in our centric mass. The layers of communications we use have taken on new forms, have opened up different avenues, while simultaneously closing down other more traditional models. The interpersonal experiences, language, and psychology of us, is evolving. To say that this change or evolution is a net positive is still to be seen, Darwinism included failed species as well.

The messaging we are using, the media and information gathering, the interpersonal walls that are being constructed, torn down, and recycled for another type of defense has reached a crescendo. Although this is a confusing and confounding mess of immense proportions, there are some smaller points of our humanity that tell our stories a little differently. In other words, if we want to understand why the car is not running properly, we have to understand what a car is to begin with… We are seldom aware of where we humans get our various fuels, our coolants, our spare parts, or when they need changing. Yet we are tasked with driving and navigating from a very early age. We are not educated about ourselves in early years beyond a few major tenets. We are brought up and raised, more and more as a subset of the community and environment we find ourselves in, either real or imagined. The nuclear family blueprint that is still used to weigh our ways, is as quaint as it is toxic in some cases. If people are not educated to our humanity, our similarities, then they will focus on our differences. That is part of our human condition, the survival above all genetic code. It is leftover from a different epoch of evolution that serves us best today if we are more aware of it in our societal makeup.

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By reverse engineering the various problematic crescendo’s to their smaller pieces; The ones that make up the vast commonality of our species. We can start to see the formation of edges, the stacking of common human, genetic, and societal information. In seeing this type of input, it is an ultimate microcosm ran in reverse to our macrocosms. The impetuses involved in our communications, and the outcome of beliefs. The discussion of those beliefs, and emotional pieces of life have been gaining in number. The need to understand our psychology, our places in, and on a societal map and the emotional needs of a changing time. The continuing look at our mental health’s, our communal health’s, and the various discoveries we must work through to find an aggregate future. All of the latter in its explosive cacophony has begun to reveal its edges…

It’s edges, a term used here as the commonalities that are showing themselves in greater numbers. The comments that ring the same throughout different lives and different beliefs. It is no more of an edge than it is a multi pointed set of indicators on a mental map of data. Those indicators are made up of a multitude of interpersonal inputs, media, and sociological inputs, as well as what the history of those inputs says about their construct. It is as much filled with broad generalities as it is specific details. Social media comments, media communications of all kinds, interpersonal interactions and their outcomes; The psychological forces at play in each, and the varied generational, sex, and status stances being undertaken. They all have come together in seemingly chaotic form to highlight some of our chaos. To highlight those things so we can see the real pieces of our offensive behaviors, and maladaptive thoughts. Because we have been so focused on the bigger things, those little pieces have been relegated to the afterthought of afterthoughts.

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Modern communications, social media, and information sources are under scrutiny as no other time before. Society itself is under the microscope. Countries are examining their communications processes, their television, news media, internet availabilities, and permissions. This change is worldwide, the effects are as well, our ability to communicate effectively has been exceptionally challenged, and we have failed greatly at our first step into this different piece of time. We are stuck in an action/reaction process, the kicking machine that is self serving as much as it is self destructive. That is why it appears to have the same qualities as addiction in many ways. The processing of life through filters, either alcohol, drugs, or through societal filters, such as religions or partisanship result in the same summations. Undertaking beliefs and emotional cues from something other than yourself, the sense making that the mind is engrossed in is satiated by either an outside drug introduction, or an inside one. Seeing this behavior that is so personally intimate played out on a macro level repeatedly leaves a definite impression. The feels, the little things like the fears, the stubbornness, the selfishness, and in some cases the complete inability to accept change is apparent in our responses.

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In looking into the chaos, the borders that take on mass that push themselves above the eclectic bits and pieces are very similar. They contain our traumas, they contain our hopes, they contain our fears in all shapes and sizes, coming from almost any point that it, fear, can attach itself. They are filled with generational comparisons, and beliefs that don’t apply in the truths of today. They are filled with grand reaches to understand our places better, such as this one, to appreciate where we are, and where we go from here. Society, and in effect us people involved, are in different stages of understanding, in different stages of duress, and different stages of information gathering. The blame game that had played out and had pushed us forward in past generations does not apply here any longer. This is the Senior night game, and everyone is going to play whether they like it or not. If we are not aware of what we are doing then, we repeat it, turn on the kicking machine, and take our unnecessary punishments. Humans want to know that the tomorrow they will awake to is going to be similar enough to what they have known, that it possesses no challenge to their security, their safety, or their beliefs. Change is always a threat to that kind of tomorrow, that kind of affluency, that kind of entitlement.

From the inputs, and outputs that have coalesced into this thought pattern, the root causes are the intimate ones. The smallest pieces of our individual mandates have attained a place to convey like no other time before. We are not being challenged by some grand invincible army, but of the very human conditions we all share. We are being defeated at passing along our best perspectives, our best knowledge, our better way forward, by ourselves; By our own fear of change, fear of the unknown, by trauma responses and knee jerk reactions. We are being defeated because we were too proud and too sure of ourselves that those little pieces of the human condition, emotions, compassion, generosity, were unimportant and could be overlooked. Our emotions are the ant hill that has amassed its inhabitants to take down the human trampling over it. This is what arises in the communications we are so challenged to deliver succinctly. This is the pattern that comes from it all. There is a good deal of smash mouth progress being undertaken, in all corners, and from every belief. The intergenerational handoff, the factory jobs, the technological progress, has been interrupted, and has been deemed to harmful to pass along, for a new world to accept.

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We have found the undiscovered country, we have been introduced to the very thing that will consume us and break us. It consists of the human conditions we have been too sure of, the ones that ignore the evolution of not only our society, but of the development and evolution of our emotions, and the basic tenets of security as these changes occur. The telescopes that we have used to peer into the heavens for places we have never been or could imagine could best be placed squarely on ourselves at this time. It would allow us to anchor an aggregate future. The cathartic societal responses to the ills of this time of great changes should not be the methodology of progress. The avenues that are in need of exploration, of clarification, of a reimagined communication process are endless. It is true that the outer world is in need of much care, of much assistance in resuming a sustainable balance. It is also true that the inner worlds of the human condition require, demand, that we invest into our human infrastructures, our overall intelligence and emotional quotients. The clamor is ongoing, the data isn’t changing, the points of angst, and division are spinning to this conclusion. Strife and knowledge are the two strongest impetuses for productive change. We have strife, we now have more knowledge, and whether or not we have productive change is waiting to be seen from the borders of chaos.

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