There is a bunch of soul searching going on in the country today. Whether it is to escape from the everyday trappings or because of them, things are always moving and changing, defining and redefining. It is happening just the way it’s supposed to, whether good or bad, meaningful or indifferent, just as it’s supposed to. We can argue until we are blue in the face, that would be another example of it anyways.

There is an infuriating phrase in the program that states, “You are right where you are supposed to be.” When I initially heard it, it was infuriating and insufferable, a throwback to “I don’t know?” When you have a few years in this thing you would think that you would know by now what that meant, but it means just that. So faced with the knowledge that everything is happening just as they are supposed to, and faced with the fact that I am right where I am supposed to be, I get lost in the simplicity of it all. Life dictates that we do so much more and manage a life to it’s minute ends?… Sorry to burst bubbles, if any are out there, but life does not dictate anything except breathing. Society and the constructs of it dictate much to us in our daily lives, but life simply asks you to be a part of it, an active player. A thinker too… A life without contemplation is not worth living.

So as I sit in the rooms and see the expanse of time in days and months in people’s lives, it is clear that they are right where they are supposed to be. When someone is doing something that is inherently selfish, yet tremendously liberating and helpful to most in their lives, it is also subjective and individualistic as the people that fit into the chairs. They are right where they are supposed to be, my speaking on a subject now is like a Senior talking about something to Freshmen at times. The differences in experiences are obvious, and that taken to exponential ends is what we have all over the country. Of course there will be divisions, there always have been. Yet the impetus for change is upon us now as no other time in recent memory.

Before I came into the rooms, I never knew there was a different way of life. That whole concept multiplied by umpteen millions is on display here is our country. Worlds apart and right next door, too busy with that construct that we call life to actually live the real thing. In a sense we don’t know what is out there in our surroundings as much, people are more and more closed off and closed minded as well. An entire play of experts that doesn’t know that by being one narrows the open mind concept and prevents wild tangents and ideas from entering. Those wild ideas in most cases these days involve change, a break from an entire patrorical system of entitlement and imperialistic thinking. That is dangerous for conservative thinking, the kind that follows a predetermined pathway, one that had already been set down generations ago. That traditionalism does not apply to many aspects of today’s climate, that trust and faith isn’t the nature of our beings, and never has been. The fact we are speaking up about it now, in more of a voice of unison is telling on a grander scale than folks may think.

People can and do get along, whether strangers or not. When the facades of politics, religion and other shiny paint jobs are gone, we are still pretty much universal in our inner garbage. That constant need to polish the outside of our garbage cans coming into play again and again believing it may just get us into Heaven or just prevent us from going to Hell is something that must be smashed. It is that inner part of us, in constant need that can be addressed very simply, led by simple ideals and actions. That it is simple by no means creates an ease to it, that it is simple does not mean it holds no complexity. I lead a small life, I live my life through simplistic thoughts of peace, and joy, and love unto others and all things. Care for anyone who wishes and always on the lookout for thoughts that must be starved and light that wishes to enter.

There is a peace in a small life, and one that is at the same time filled full of everything that I desire. I trust the nature of people, which is much the same as my garbage can of thoughts here, we are all just trying to manage the best life we can. To do so, it makes everything a lot easier when I recall that life is best when I remember, it’s just as it is.

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