A sin in Archery terms, means to miss the mark. That is how this day and quarter of school looks like at the moment. My health has set me back again this quarter and it looks like I missed my opportunity to go to college.

In what would seem to be a simple mistake, not on my part, I don’t have any funding for classes and my time frame is winding down faster than I thought it would. An assuming student or worker reversed my name because it sounded right to them or something. That little mistake wasn’t corrected until this quarter, and yet the damage had already been done.

I was just starting to make up a plan for what to take and how to apply it towards some of my other goals. I was going to go into Material Sciences, along with my shop I thought it would be a natural fit. That would lead into Boeing areas of work and the Aerospace industry. That plan just got scrapped and now I am trying to find some way to make a few bucks just to survive. That plan has been going on for too many years, my health is not going to allow me to do much at the moment and I have no idea what to do next. What was once an open door to hope is now just another look at the hallway of few doors and all locked up tight.

I have to listen to my training though, I have to understand that it is just the way it’s supposed to be. Yeah, it sucks that I don’t get the chance to see what could happen, but that was an expectation and apparently it was not right sized. I will thank those that helped me learn what I could and wish them well on their journeys, things happen all the time and maybe this is just my Karma for some reason. I was just speaking of a small life and it is definitely a lot smaller today than it was yesterday. With this in hand, I will just take the next indicated action and just not make things worse. Namaste

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