So I am back at this blog, the other one is too chaotic and busy. I thought I would have this one done by now, oh well.

I started going to school to finish up some education. My plan was to keep going and possibly get a masters in something and go from there. I have a feeling that’s not going to be the case, my gut started in on me again and my psyche has taken a hit. I started a job at the college too and even that, being the easiest thing in the world, is now at risk already too. So many people telling me and pushing me to go to college these last few years, and now that I am there it really does sound like a pipe dream. Forget my math anxiety, or my age going into these things. It is my health and the fact that I don’t know what if anything I will be able to do going forward. It’s just my thing and everybody has theirs, I am grateful I had so much good health all these years. Maybe I will get my little story finished, maybe I will just ghost out into the twilight. Seeing all of these young lives around me really makes me want to stand in the corner and not steal one second of time from them. I am at an ending and these lives are just beginning to go in many cases.

So I will just schedule my tests, take what comes from them and put this education business to bed for good. Apparently I am just not cut out for it, and my time for an education was over a long time ago. Then let’s see what happens next?

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