I watch and listen as the Constitution is ignored and corrupted daily. Rage, fierce indignation and anger. Not the kind to do something stupid about, that would just be redundant. It is obviously long past the time for dramatic change in this country, there is no way that this is some kind of correct direction we are under. Politics aside, this utter and thorough change is going to impact more than just the political spectrum, but also the news and information aspects of our society.

The lead-up to the 2016 election was the turning point, a marker to look back on forever to place a stamp on what is unconstitutional. The blatant media circus that was involved around the eventual and the presumed candidates was beyond the scope of a free press. It was the actions of a press dictated to from every ludicrous corner, stories and bylines that were not credible or even true were made press-able. The construction of the current administration is easy to see in hindsight, the scaffolding is still there. The press is ignoring their constitutional duties, finding it easier to simply bargain their trust rather than doing due diligence. In doing so they are culpable to the normalizing and coddling to our protagonists. I have played enough hands of poker to spot a marked deck, and sadly we are unaware of which cards we actually have. Ill equipped to see how our culture and knee-jerk reactions to the news is a ripe ploy to manipulate us all.

Such short memories. The constant triggering of our baser thinking, our reptilian knee jerk shutdown of our higher cognitive abilities is taking a toll on the health of the country too. These addictions that are running rampant don’t always have to do with outward substances. The tones in parts of the country are reminiscent of pitchforks and torch brigades, everyone struggling to hold onto their assumed pieces of egoic power, or manifest destiny. I was just thinking what the country would have been like if we just closed the place off in 1640 when my family got here? We got ours! And a big up yours! to the rest of ya! Heck, the indigenous populations would have been a better partner in this country building thing as it turns out. The white guys are always starting huge wars because they don’t take care of their business honorably. Oh! We need some cover…start a war. I want to be a war president, start a war. Yes, it is as stupidly simple and overlooked as that.

This baser instinct that the media keeps pumping into our collective psyche has got to stop. If nothing else for the sanity of a once great nation, but for the betterment of all humanity. We have a built in regressive line of thinking that can be overcome if we just open our eyes to what is actually going on. This is not the Matrix movie, but it does tell the same story of deception and disguise. We cannot move forward as a species until this is resolved and overcome from the very beginning of the cycles that we have created in our society. The media is just one form of this manipulation and brainwashing, there are many more, but this is one we can see the easiest. When the world is taken on its own terms, when the voice inside our heads are our own and not the voice of some talking head, then we can start again to get this race back on track and going forward.




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