Frequency Holders

Sometimes you meet them once, you may not even know their name. Sometimes they are a lifelong part of your journey whom you know intimately. They are the ones that change a piece inside of you, or allow you to see a piece of the world differently. They may speak at length or not at all, but you remember them, you remember their stories or their deeds, their calming personalities or their contagious energy. They may have taken years to teach you needed skills for life. or they may have enlightened you in one uplifting event. They are the ones that hold a vaunted place in memories and throughout life, the ones that hold a piece of your humanity squarely within their construct. They move you, they keep you connected, they fill the empty spaces when the words you reach for are missing. They are the frequency holders, the butterfly riders, the forever people.

Photo by Andrey Grushnikov from Pexels

It is easy to see the differences, the conflicts and those people, that have had a sum negative effect on your life. It is easy to see the divisions that drive the everyday societal trappings. Those pressed angst Jenga towers held together by fear and ruminations. We are weighed by our differences, we exercise our indignations, and we highlight our discomforts. The positives, the things that come into life and bring with them enduring joy, happiness, and piece of mind and heart are often not visited enough. When you are left at the corner of Yesterday Street and Forever Avenue the people and moments return to mind. They reflect our humanity, our searching, our never ending growth. As challenges in life come in all shapes and sizes, so do they. The teacher that showed you that you were indeed talented, the friend that showed you how, and the homeless man on the street that showed you why.

For many the family is host to quite a few, and sometimes none at all. Gratitude is the inroads to them, the way to connect to the moments, the memories, the pieces of life held dear. I have met a hundred thousand people, and yet there are but a handful I can tell you of, that I can remember for you. Even fewer still can I pass along a place or time of meeting, or the things that were said. There are those though that I can quote, those that I emulate, those that I aspire to be. They are within the accumulation of life’s experiences and the quantum mathematics of destiny. They are the tuning forks who vibrate in an appealing tone, a healing one, or a instructional one. The folks that change the energy in a room from confusion and stress, to ones of comfort and capability. They bring with them an “I got your back,” feeling, while simultaneously showing you that you don’t need it to begin with.

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My youth is filled with the largest assortment, the ones who taught me the basics, who showed me the why’s and how’s of early life. It is still those tenets that guide me to this day, but I am often forgetful from where they originate. They come in forms of multi hued fuzzy creatures, to a man named Rogers, and of course my parents and family. They come from all of the friends I grew up with who looked past our stumbles because we looked over theirs. They come from the den mothers, and scoutmasters, the the teachers and clergy of all kinds. The pillars of the community and the common working persons. I have so many that I am grateful for, if truly contemplated it brings me to my knees in tears. As the years go on though, those spots of remembrance are more reserved, more spread out, and in the ensuing speed of life they are sometimes misplaced. The forever people still come into your life, those who you will always remember, but little do we share that part, that gratitude of being. I am certain there are many who will never know their impact, their choice of words or actions that grabbed my psyche so, but I do, and for that I am honored, humbled, and whole.

Photo by Ibadah Mimpi from Pexels

We are challenged now more than ever with a world we know has changed. We are separating into our clusters of safety, both physically and mentally. In this extended time of self care, the things, and people I am most truly grateful for are mostly placed within my reach. That does not dismiss the importance of the rest of the world in teaching me, and allowing me to learn throughout this lifetime. In it we present to the world a thousand different versions of ourselves to those that we encounter. If I may have one wish for the future, it would be to present the very best version of myself I can muster. In doing so I help not only myself, but those who I meet along the way, and those that I have already met. It is within the gratitude of giving, the lifting of the soul, and the passing on of knowledge, that comes from a long, long line of love… and those forever people.

Photo by Min An from Pexels

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