I can feel it myself, the tinnitus like buzzing that is everywhere I go. I am acutely aware of the psychic pain that has been rubbed raw through the opening of old wounds. I am victim and I am perpetrator, I am the cause and the cure, and I along with millions must have their moments to speak, and weep, to listen and cleanse.

This is more of a wake up call to unity of purpose than there has been of late. This is not an idealistic crusade, this is not some unsubstantiated cry for attention because this is the real, the raw, and the too honest for television version of life. Since the ugliness has infected our social conscience let’s talk about the real ugly, the non fake news. This often covered up and hushed up subject has lost its place to hide, lost the stigma and morality that belonged to a different time, and a different world. When those senior citizens begin to cry, knowing that their own stories are a part of this, we are on the way, just barely, towards a better humanity tomorrow.

This abuse and sexual molesting, the secrecy and the way those secrets are kept have no place to hide any longer. The way we treat each other in public and in private must fundamentally change. Those foundations, the church, the control parents, the out of their minds caregivers to our youth, and vulnerable, have no more room inside the hearts and minds of our society. Before jury after jury we will raise our hand and repeat those words again and again; “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth… so help me[GOD!” -Insert belief system here]

Yes, I am a male, and yes I am guilty of all manners of violations. I also have stories of abuse, and molestation, but that is no excuse, and I understand these things if not fully, much clearer now. We all do… that is this beginning, this just barely getting going talk and listening is already changing the dynamics of interactions between the sexes, and between those who hold authority over us. This is not a partisan issue, no colors or stripes are free from this disease, no sex is immune from the disorder either. This is the truth that sometimes gets overlooked in the angst and direction. Just like alcoholism, it is an equal opportunity destroyer.

The painful wounds ripped open of late, and made worse by the manner in which they were treated, are not going to heal overnight. The burning of the beer poured over it will just make way for infection, more disease, and secrets locked away. This was no placebo, it was definitely not the medicine for the malady, and the side effects are going to rock the country for some time to come. Like I stated earlier, just barely a beginning, most avalanches will tell you they are coming if you know what to look for; Myself, I am getting my toboggan waxed up for the trip. It’s going to be fast, overwhelming, and the longest avalanche in history. It will leave the Earth changed beneath it, the country changed because of it, and a people richer and wiser in the end. We are firmly ensconced in that phrase; When there comes a time…

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