How much did you eat this week? How many of those products had labels? How many of them did you fully read and comprehend? 

Did it say healthy? New? Better than before? There you have it, Politics ala carte. This majority of us claiming Liberal and Progressive titles, the minority holding fast to their monikers as well. Coconut oil for the masses, it has never been healthy for us; So why is this believed to be a superfood at this point? I believe we are missing the meaning of united, and the word We, not I.

FDA Ingredient List

The reason I used food as a medium in this is because we deal with it on a daily basis, yet we still know little of what we are putting into our bodies for the most part. Even the best of Nutritionists will not know it all. We cook and adapt, try new things and rely on old ones, are we healthier overall? Even with many years of training and working in the field I can tell you that no matter what I cooked someone would deem it unhealthy, not good for you, or too much of this or that or too little. Dealing with the public has taught me that you can’t please everyone no matter how hard you may try. They have expectations, and in these days a lot of contempt prior to investigation.

Obesity Rates in America

Politics and Government have a larger ingredient list than anything the FDA can come up with if we haven’t noticed. It was needed over the years to feed and clothe the vast amount of freedoms we have, and the protections we cherish. Why did Government become engulfed in it’s own mass? Because we did, We the People have the Government we deserve, that we created, that only We can fix. There are no superheroes, no grand leadership to be found if we aren’t united in this, neither side or sides can win without the other and that is where we find ourselves today; Asking for Italian at the Chinese restaurant.

Politics and Religion is a grand waste of time, I have always been disappointed by the expectations of what they say they are and what they should be. I have yet to meet one person though that has disappointed my expectations of what they should be and what they are. Being in itself is an exercise in Integrity.   Hobbes

Just like the food we eat and the sustenance we take in, our belief systems are created in a very liberal sense; Whether conservative leaning or not. The fact that there are sides of the aisle prove that much is true. For if you had a truly conservative populace then even those messages of obey and follow would have to be upon one linear thought. Adversely if you had a truly liberal populace then the messages of those conservatives would be nowhere to be found. The very fact that we have factions proves that any way forward is together and learning to accept a few things is a huge part of the recipe. With food and resources stretched already between the balance of nature and of us, there is going to be more need of it in the coming years.

I do not hate anyone, I may dislike some things they do at times and the manner in which they do it. I can have deep seated dislike, but hatred is not for this heart of mine. I am just as passionate about the conservative lives as I am the liberal ones, I am just as passionate about progress as the next person and devoted to not repeating the past. When I see the populist movements going through our fabric I am reminded that the people that are there now are people who got there through my hard work and like minded people. The building up of progress is not an overnight matter, let me remind those who believe otherwise about the Civil War and the battles and arguments we are still having about that conflict all these years later. The same with every change that made America great to begin with; Someone thought differently.

Politics ala Carte, and those that create the menus and food labels have stirred the pot. Unleashing the Vegans unto the Carnivores and the Gluten Free to chaff the wheat. We all need to eat though, food for the insatiable ego’s and the pride that cometh from the self-righteous. People eat different foods all around the country this day, yet we are being made into labels of Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Vs Sushi and Espresso. The left fracturing under its lack of understanding the ingredient list, and the right being just amazed and grateful to be a cohesive block still after their dalliance into the dreaded tea cup.

The left is not broken; It is definitely a divided lot at the moment. The labelmakers are telling others that we are this and we are that. The analytics are just not up to par as they once believed them to be. We are not as divided as we are being made out to be, that in itself is part of the ruse; Part of this great defiance. There are those on both sides who wish only to deconstruct the cake after it has been baked. Those who negate the hard work and the dedication of generations of movements, protests, and stability. Those that say the left is being too quiet while forgetting that the best of leadership allows others to do their jobs. There are a lot of folks at it at the moment and I believe being prudent with our accusations is paramount to the truth we are trying to deliver. Or else it is simply not just and lawful, as the ideals this nation was founded on.

If we do stand for truth and stand against this menace before us, doesn’t it sound like the adult thing to know for sure what the heck is going on first? Since the last time I checked Democrats were not the cyber security experts, were not the Russian intelligence experts and will probably wait until they know what it is they are really fighting. A coalition of like minded people can go ahead and argue and assume they know the ingredient list all they want; There are no superheroes, we are the closest thing we have to one.

I was always leary of people who would simply like to put a name or number on something. I myself have had that done to me so many times in my life alone, and mislabeled at that that I am done. I can understand why people do not choose a party, that labeling is so off, but we still use it. We still go into the generalities of them and propose vast amount of support for one person or ideal over another. Too much salt, not enough spice, who makes that anymore? ew… My Mothers line would be “tough! eat it anyways.” We all have to eat, we all need our appeasement, our reward system narrative we have been trained to respond to. For another Russian connection, pseudo-intellectual Pavlov’s dogs, with a penchant for shiny things real or imagined. Freedom is not choice, it is the ability to have some, not all; Anarchy is all freedoms.

The dedication and integrity it takes to make change in this country is little to be found in the voices of its people. It is either junk the wreck or strip it down, something shiny and new for a generation that does not deserve it. A selfish lot that would rather see their own wishes come to fruition with a cost to others. A coalition of individuals cooking together and working together and all creating their own menu’s. Once we see past the labels and the reasonings for our being here we will not get that cake to bake at all. The best kid in Home Ec class and the binding agents just didn’t hold because they were too much alike, too individual to stick, terminally unique. Until we remake ourselves in our own images and still hold fast to those things in our foundation then we have not heeded the call to be diligent and steadfast, and beware the labelmakers.

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