Russia and the White House

I went to a grade school in Seattle named John B Allen. It had and still does to this day an air raid siren mounted high atop a tower in its northwest playground’s corner. We used to hear it every now and then growing up, a ominous reminder to the past and an even scarier […]

The Disquieting War

Yes, it is a sad fact about today that goes unnoticed, deemed not newsworthy. We are a nation with every passing day that goes carelessly deeper into oblivion. We are at war whether the sensibilities of one allows belief or not, a war it most certainly is. On this site, in my articles, I have […]

The Next World Order – Classes

One of the many areas of the world that will always be going through change is the classes of the population. At this moment some of those aspects are front and center and others are hidden rather well. From the Panama papers to the Wikileaks and every bit of hacking in between there are fewer […]

Democracy’s Onion

There have been more than a few things in life that have been described using an onion as a metaphor. So why not use it to look at a symptom of this living today that may not be recognized. As much as I love to break things down to their microscopic bits and pieces, I […]

This is Not Your Past

My wife and I migrated into the discussion on guns we are having right now as a society. I had broken down or felt the urge to comment on a friends post and it was an instant mud pit, with the insults, ad hominem attacks and insinuations. I knew I shouldn’t have indulged in opening […]

The Next World Order – Sexes

In examining things that will shape and propel our civilization forward, it is seldom popular to examine them as they are happening in fear of shaping the messages or demonizing them. There are many factors and facets that are arranging themselves now, and in looking at how that may affect the future, some thinking remains […]

The Cowardly New World

There is one line from the old movies and literature that stands out at times. This brave new world has been used countless times in many stories. It is more than a pity that that same line cannot be used to describe our story, our times. There will always be a lack of context as […]

The Parts of Our Sum

I am examining the fracturing, that foreboding feeling once more upsetting the bile of serenity. I am watching truth and lies, good and bad have its way with us and the dedication and commitment to our ideals fold away easily in the excitement of the moments. I hear keep your eyes on the prize and […]