The Common Man

The Science of Things

Since I am already sealing my fate with my other posts. I knew it would come out eventually that I am a Science nerd. It has been my method all my life without me knowing it. I need solid proof, and telling me something rarely satisfies my curiosity or need for certainty. So, as crazy as my thoughts are on different issues are, so are my scientific and pseudoscientific ideas.

In 2013 I wrote a little book in two weeks exactly. It was a manic exercise in just finishing something, anything for once. I have had numerous book starts but no finishes, I wanted to finish just one. So after 53, 200 some odd words later I came up with a Sci-Fi, fantasy, realist, love story. With a strong female presence even. I wrote it with Jason Mraz song “I won’t give up” going through my head. When I finished it I realized that the book was a perfect match to the song to a great extent.

You see it was just supposed to a short story, but I could not stop. This was my big writing blowout, I got so much out and down onto…paper? that I learned that even if I write for just me to see, I have to do it…. I used names of real people and fictional places, probably broke every journalistic rule and law out there. I described it as a Disney movie with way too many cuss words.

I am going to post it bit by bit on the page titled Books, I will try to edit it up as best I can as I was writing 5000 plus words a day on it at times. Like I said I was driven and inspired, that or in dire need of release… or both.

Now I am not an educated man, My friends called me a Road Scholar. The schools I went to could not understand me anyways, the teachers methods increasingly irritating. My grammar and punctuation a grasp at remembering something from the sixth grade, my run on sentences the stuff of legend. Context, syntax and just plain old spelling at times should stop me in my tracks. But I persist.

The other day I looked at the UW’s Physics page and all that was happening at the school. It was amazing to me as I was reading it that I was understanding every single word and followed the whole page. The findings and research was amazing and it got me into thinking about the deeper parts of space and such, I was all abuzz……. I have never taken Physics, nor studied it at all, I was also kind of freaked out. So there is a lot of Science in the book that was pertinent at the time it was written also, everything has been researched sans a few of the finer points. I don’t know why or how I know things, I just do. I have freaked out many over the years with that gift so I am not going to look into that end of the science too much. Yeah I am scared.

I have to say that I believe in keeping it real enough and in the “book” everything was current to the time. I tried to share it too soon though and too unedited, those that I thought would read it did not. The ones that did I felt embarrassed around that I could think that it was a worthy effort. Maybe they knew as I did that I was better than that, but they did not get the point of me just wanting to finish. Have a sense of accomplishment during one of THE most dire times in my life.

I don’t know if it was the act of writing or the act of finishing but I got it done. It saved my life at a time that I could have gone a number of different ways and few of them good. My brother likes to tell folks that sometimes our ONLY job is just not to make things worse. Sometimes my ONLY job it seems is just to make it better. Not for them, but for me because what good can I do if I am the one that needs all the time?