Well, WordPress keeps on changing their editor. It’s functions are moved, the fonts change and disappear. One week I know how to change the font, the next week I can’t even find it. I am trying to study the world of WP, but it appears I have to learn code or something to get anything to work right again. I write, I am not some website genius, coder, or into a graduate level course on blogging. Most of what they offer is of no use to me and this has left me unable to create properly. They offer courses, but charge a bunch of money to take them. I don’t make money at this, this is a huge bill once a year that I try to fit into the barely surviving budget we have. Hopefully I will have something soon, in the meantime though I am just writing offline hoping to put it here one day. Must have been a mistake using WP as a host, they demand a lot more than what was first believed, but everything is on here and I don’t have a good feeling about it all.

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